Celebrate National Chili Day With 'GMA Live'

Bruce Sterman from Manhattan Chili Co. brings three flavors of chili to mark the occasion.
3:00 | 02/26/14

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Transcript for Celebrate National Chili Day With 'GMA Live'
Underway at quest to become -- frozen -- -- that bullets killing. How about -- an Alley doesn't inhaling air from New York City is. Very Manhattan -- company and owner Bruce Sherman can come on over Britain's blue over here is -- A couple different varieties yes -- gently OK so what are we working with here in our looks like you had the Turkey chili smooth. We call a high plains Turkey Julie that's if you have to go about him about it until it hits you it yes it's magnificent -- This this place is a variety of chili powder machine three kinds -- Are and -- -- out there is. They didn't hear that right -- it. Get him out. -- we got pretty -- that success in Chile OK OK -- -- and -- that out if you had -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is Aaron medium hot numero uno Michaels numerous you know it's mulling inspired schools enemy -- that everything cannot tell you anything in -- and let everybody else -- -- -- still. That's a hot begin -- for being with butternut squash a little that you take the hot and a half a pack because I'm kind of a wimp when it comes -- the stuff. But -- -- not like her myself and. In -- we just drink it down yet connect. I'm. Not yet I'm gonna bring -- -- And then the metal on the one we have the floor yes I I don't go around to giving up you can probably -- clearly we're doing. I'm Grand Central Terminal will lower level dining concourse hoping it gonna start handing a couple out of -- at a -- you look silly anybody would silly. Yeah really yes please. Scream and be like -- Aaron yeah. From -- -- -- music that's the beauty -- My guess would be the senate and the city fire I have -- nice and oh yeah and soon so in self. Yet we'll we'll look up I want announced we can thank you transcend hell. This happened here people are thinking about spring and it is still so -- -- -- so -- and the perfect time perhaps you don't absolutely. Lower level dining concourse coming -- -- is where we are -- -- commentator policy difference and I'll leave this here for you guys to finish up violent. Upset -- that you have to do justice for those guys to finish up. All right so -- you know operate the happy thank you.

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{"id":22679867,"title":"Celebrate National Chili Day With 'GMA Live'","duration":"3:00","description":"Bruce Sterman from Manhattan Chili Co. brings three flavors of chili to mark the occasion.","url":"/GMA/video/gourmet-chili-recipes-flavors-celebrate-national-chili-day-22679867","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}