Grunting at the US Open Has Become Part of the Game

Does grunting help tennis players play better or does it distract their opponents?
2:19 | 09/01/14

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Transcript for Grunting at the US Open Has Become Part of the Game
Open is in full swing, and the players are turning up the volume. Dprunting is a huge part of the game, does it improve performance or distract your opponent? Sara Haines is here with the story. I think people have different opinions. I get very distracted by this whole thing. But there might be a reason why people are doing it. Check it out. It's the sound you just can't ignore Maria sharapova grunting on the court on Sunday, while she lost, maria is the undisputed sque D queen of the scream. It works, experts say. According to the journal of strength and conditioning research, grunting in tennis increases the ball's speed, making it travel nearly 4% faster. Eight-time grand slam champ Monica sales, one of the first grunters. Since then, the Williams sisters, even Novak known to let out the ear-pierciing roars. Some on par with a chain saw. Some say it's annoying. Martina called it cheating. It can be a problem when you can't hear the ball hitting the racket. You react to the sound. Reporter: Like it or not, grunting in tennis may be getting a whole lot louder. And while this study focused on tennis, researchers say grunting in any sport can boost your performance, swinging a bat or punching in boxing. That extra burst tightens the core to give you the added boost. It's about breathing. It's the exhale. If you were holding your breath and trying to exert, you can't do it. Weight lifters grunt. Ryan and I were playing badminton. Ping-pong. It's an intimidation tactic. Do you grunt? You're a huge tennis player. My producer, Kelly, would say absolutely. I bet it's cute. It's not cute, it's not attractive. Every hit or just the serve? Wait, I have to get to that

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{"id":25201424,"title":"Grunting at the US Open Has Become Part of the Game","duration":"2:19","description":"Does grunting help tennis players play better or does it distract their opponents?","url":"/GMA/video/grunting-us-open-part-game-25201424","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}