Gunman Opens Fire Inside Florida Apartment Building

Police officers swarm a violent scene that escalated from an argument.
2:31 | 07/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gunman Opens Fire Inside Florida Apartment Building
Get straight to that breaking news overnight another shooting spree in America this time it's Florida what apparently started as an argument ended -- a massacre gunman started shooting inside an apartment building. In the city of high -- the. Seeing now swarming with heavily armed officers and here's what we know at this hour at least seven people are confirmed dead -- ABC's Matt Gutman has the latest from Hialeah good morning Matt. Good morning and -- on it was a helter skelter seeing here overnight now. Every single police officer in the entire city of highly it was brought out here for the scene. Just down the block that building. Four separate shootings in that building of course that hostage situation ending with the swat team moving in. And killing the gunman now those people you see there twelve hours or more since the shooting they are still locked out of their homes. And more. This morning residents evacuated overnight are still shaken after a terrifying shooting that left seven people dead. A series of shots shattered a quiet Friday evening along this pleaded Hialeah Florida police say a husband and wife who managed to -- -- -- to -- to a ten it filed a complaint. Minutes later an argument that exploded gunshot. It's his young man's just opening fire on I heard about fifteen -- when he shot it's all. I went outside and -- neighbors screaming about my hands arms had been shot. Should mirror at PC -- get a -- to shooting victims as her parents the landlord to Carlo it's a -- -- yacht yeah. Police say the gunman then turned his weapon. The building across the street. Shooting and killing a man who was front of her his children into the building I got it then allegedly -- the door open to another apartment killing three there. And finally police say he took two hostages in yet another apartment. As hundreds of police officers in swat teams raced -- Put out the panic lucky bystanders and shopping centers police say the -- don't get many hundreds of people from their homes most of the night. Did not -- and we -- With swat teams gearing up to go -- police negotiators say they spent hours trying to convince the mid to surrender and give up those hostages. Now police are still working to unravel exactly what happened here. They are still identifying some of the victims in trucks just down the street and they're still working to find out. Who the gunman was. Unravel why you went on this Rampage -- true massacre all right matter thanks you know will be following the stories that develops.

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{"id":19790759,"title":"Gunman Opens Fire Inside Florida Apartment Building","duration":"2:31","description":"Police officers swarm a violent scene that escalated from an argument.","url":"/GMA/video/gunman-opens-fire-inside-florida-apartment-building-19790759","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}