Health Alert: Source of Mysterious Stomach Bug Identified

The CDC has traced the cause of the cyclospora outbreak to salad supplier in Mexico.
1:48 | 08/03/13

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Transcript for Health Alert: Source of Mysterious Stomach Bug Identified
Thank you. We have information about the stomach bug that's been making people sick all over america. 400 cases have been reported in 16 states. The outbreak in two of those states traced back to salad mix from mexico, sold at olive garden and red lobster restaurants. Our dr. Rich besser used to work for the cdc and helped track these things. Good morning. We know the cause in two of the states. But in the 14 other states is it a mystery? It is a mystery. Iowa and nebraska traced it back to the salad mix. We know the salad mix comes from taylor farms in mexico. This company has been implicated in recalls in the past six on the fda website. There's a large outbreak in texas. There's a large outbreak in florida. So far, I've been talking to the investigators there. They've not been able to connect it to the same product. Meantime, we're talking about two, huge restaurant chains. The olive garden and red l lobster. Is it safe to eat there? I think it is. This ended in july. The symptoms can go on for a month if you're not treated. But the product that caused the outbreak in those states is no longer in the market. Why is it taking so long to figure out the cause of the outbreak? Some outbreaks are very easy. You eat something you get sick right away. With this, it can take a week when you eat something until you get sick. It's very tricky to do those studies. Now, they have to go back to the farms and say what happened here? What can we do in the farms in mexico to prevent this. The bottom line is the safety in those restaurants, and still out there in 14 states. More to come. More to come here on this broadcast.

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{"id":19860582,"title":"Health Alert: Source of Mysterious Stomach Bug Identified","duration":"1:48","description":"The CDC has traced the cause of the cyclospora outbreak to salad supplier in Mexico.","url":"/GMA/video/health-alert-source-mysterious-stomach-bug-identified-19860582","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}