Hidden Dangers of Lake Electricity

Carmen Johnson, 15, died after her family says she was electrocuted in a lake due to rusty electrical work at the dock in their backyard.
2:06 | 05/30/16

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Transcript for Hidden Dangers of Lake Electricity
here. Hidden dangers in Lakes. There have been at least 25 L electrocutions across the country. Shocks coming with no warnings and sometimes they're lethal. ABC's Steve osunsami has the story. She loved life, she loved people. Reporter: Jimmy and Casey Johnson just lost their 15-year-old daughter Carmen in a terrible lake accident behind their home and they're telling us their story this morning to warn other families. I could have saved her if it was anything but electrocution in water. Reporter: She was their youngest, was a cheerleader. She was E electrocuted in the lake. My initial thought was, something's pulling my daughter down. Reporter: It's called a electric shock drowning when a current from usually short dock spreads through the water. They jumped in the water to help and said they were nearly killed until Casey ran to this switch and turned off the power. When I grabbed the ladder -- it's the worst feeling in the world not being able to move. Reporter: Several states are calling for changes, electric outlets that shut down when there's a short or overload. To keep your family safe, experts said you should inspect the electrical equipment at least once a year and it's great idea to get a shock alarm or a similar product that warns there's electricity in the water. There's probably lot of drowningings that happen that can be from this. They don't realize that it's electric shock that caused the drawing. The Johnsons tell us local laws never called for this faulty line to be inspected. Coming up next -- Johnny Depp's divorce drama, what his

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{"id":39477802,"title":"Hidden Dangers of Lake Electricity","duration":"2:06","description":"Carmen Johnson, 15, died after her family says she was electrocuted in a lake due to rusty electrical work at the dock in their backyard.","url":"/GMA/video/hidden-dangers-lake-electricity-39477802","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}