Homeless Football Player to Get 'Immediate Assistance'

Boise State appealed to NCAA with a request to assist Antoine Turner with his living situation.
1:14 | 05/15/14

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Transcript for Homeless Football Player to Get 'Immediate Assistance'
The NCAA says it will permit Boise State to provide aid to a homeless football recruit before he begins classes this summer. Antoine turner grew up in New Orleans his mother died of cancer when he was four. He survived hurricane Katrina and at one point he says he felt he had to run drugs in order to survive. Fast forward to now a local TV station in Boise told turner story. And there was an outpouring of good people who wanted to help him. But at the time it was believed any outside aid would be a violation of NCAA rules. The school even went as far as to send a note to the station's viewers saint. We need to make it clear to your viewers and bronco fans that it is not permissible within NCAA rules. To provide benefits to mr. turner that would include money loans and gifts discounts -- Sandra. Our earlier reporting had indicated the note was sent by the NCAA it was not but soon after the local story ran and Boise State made a request. The NCAA announced in -- -- that the school could provide immediate assistance to turner without breaking any rules.

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{"id":23740328,"title":"Homeless Football Player to Get 'Immediate Assistance'","duration":"1:14","description":"Boise State appealed to NCAA with a request to assist Antoine Turner with his living situation.","url":"/GMA/video/homeless-football-player-assistance-23740328","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}