Could Hospital Choice Affect Success of Baby Delivery?

Dr. Jennifer Ashton explains the study findings and shares her tips for pregnant women.
1:37 | 08/05/14

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Transcript for Could Hospital Choice Affect Success of Baby Delivery?
That's it for scrabble. See Jen Ashton, she's here because we have a new study to talk about. It shows where you give birth can matter a great deal on whether Dan on how severe complications can be. And the fact that hospitals play a role in this is to be expected. What's surprising about this, just how much. So the study found that women who had regular deliveries at what's called a low performing hospital face twice the rate of major ob complications. Twice the rate? Yes, than those who delivered at a higher performing hospital. About they had a c-section that rate up to five times. Now, what didn't matter, this was regardless of the size of the hospital and whether the hospital was located in a rural area. So some -- Scary stuff. Absolutely. You've delivered 1500 babies. You know more than anyone. What is the kind of complications we're talking about. There's maternal complications and fetal economy cases. This looked at those affecting the mom and these complication, some of them like hemorrhage or blood clots can come out of the blue so it's less about where they're occurring and the role of that hospital and complications and more about is the hospital ready to deal with those complications if this he occur. Running out of time but how do people know, women know whether or not their hospital is low performing. I think it's important to realize some women just don't have a choice so ask question, research your provider. Are they board certified. Where did they train and research the hospital. Do they have anesthesia, pediatrics, emergency operating rooms on labor and delivery and can they respond to an emergency or a complication if it occur there is got to do your ho homework.

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{"id":24847159,"title":"Could Hospital Choice Affect Success of Baby Delivery?","duration":"1:37","description":"Dr. Jennifer Ashton explains the study findings and shares her tips for pregnant women. ","url":"/GMA/video/hospital-choice-affect-success-baby-delivery-24847159","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}