Houston resident evacuates to 2-story house with 20 neighbors

Wendy Waterman speaks to "GMA" about how she helped rescue other neighbors as they evacuated together amid rising floodwaters after Hurricane Harvey.
3:13 | 08/28/17

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Transcript for Houston resident evacuates to 2-story house with 20 neighbors
Joining us now is Wendy waterman. She is currently in a home with at least perhaps more than 20 other survivors who have weathered this storm altogether there. They're in the dark and, Wendy, I want to ask how you're holding up and how are you doing. We are doing good. Fortunately for these wonderful people here that have taken us in. Their house has not flooded. We don't have any water inside the house so we're doing good. Tell me what happened when the floodwaters started to rise. What did you do? I was at my grandmother's house and the house in back of us and she is 93 years old and, you know, of course, being that age she didn't want to evacuate right away and then my aunt was there too and she said, no, you've got to get your pills. We've got to go and they have a whole cutout in the fence that joins their houses, so we got our 93-year-old grandmother, we brought her through the hole and these lovely people took us in. How many people are in that house with you all? We have about 20. Ranging from age from 7 to 96. All different abilities and we're just trying to make things work. You have no power right now. We don't have any power. Wow, and what about water? Are you all safe from the water? You're high enough up and what have you seen out around you at least as things were really deteriorating yesterday? The whole neighborhood is inundated with water. We have no access on either ends of the street. There's several feet of water, maybe ten feet or more of water. It goes up to the tops of the -- sorry, the bottoms of the stop signs. You know, we've seen people rescuing neighbors on boats, we've seen the coast guard constantly fly over. They were rescuing people for hours yesterday and there were helicopters everywhere. It was an amazing sight to see. I mean, so incredibly frightening and I know Houston is an area that is used to seeing a lot of rain but can you compare what this has been like over the last 24 hours to anything else you've ever seen or witnessed. Never. Simply because we only had I'd say two hours of rain and then all of a sudden the roads were -- the roads were filled with water. Then it stopped for awhile. Rain came again. And then it was up to our doors. So it was so quick. Thank goodness we had a warning and people predicted it so people were prepared but you never are prepared when it comes that quickly. And some people thought they'd get out when it gets worse but people didn't. And water has never really even come up our lawn before ands of basically at our door today. We have neighbors who have been in their homes for 51 years and they said they've never flooded. This time not only did they flood they got feet of water in their house. Wow, well thank goodness for the kindness of neighbors and you are all there together helping one another. It's one of the bright spots of an otherwise horrible situation. Thank you all for joining us and we wish you the best of luck. Thank you so much.

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{"id":49463234,"title":"Houston resident evacuates to 2-story house with 20 neighbors ","duration":"3:13","description":"Wendy Waterman speaks to \"GMA\" about how she helped rescue other neighbors as they evacuated together amid rising floodwaters after Hurricane Harvey.","url":"/GMA/video/houston-resident-evacuates-story-house-20-neighbors-49463234","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}