Gas Shortages Spread in Sandy-Hit Northeast

The gas crisis is escalating as widespread rationing is being expanded.
3:00 | 11/09/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gas Shortages Spread in Sandy-Hit Northeast
Let's get right to the escalating gas crisis in the northeast. Widespread rationing is expanding to include new york city and long island. Abc's john muller is at a gas station right here in manhattan, where the lines have been extraordinarily long. Good morning to you, john. Reporter: Good morning, elizabeth. And they still are long. Take a look. They stretch for blocks. They are long. They are intense. We haven't seen anything like THIS SINCE THE 1970s. Rationing in place. If you have an odd-numbered plate, you can fill up on an odd-numbered date. You have an even-numbered plate, you can fill up on an even-numbered date. Officers here. They're directing traffic. They're keeping the peace. There's some hot tempers here. And they're making sure that today's the right day to fill up. This morning, day 11 of impossibly long lines and impossibly scarce gasoline. Rationing has spread to new york city and long island. A massive humanity, starving for fuel with an increasingly short fuse. It's impossible. There is no gas or you wait three hours. Reporter: Many are running out before they even reach the pump. Last night, a new york city cop there to help keep the peace, helped a man push his car a final block. But in new york city, an orange county man accused of running down a police officer after he was told to move his car from a gas line for traffic. This morning, more than 500,000 customers across the region are still living without power. And many need the gas to keep generators running in frigid temperatures. It's bad. And it's cold. And now, we have no walls. We have no insulation. We have no floor. It's cold. Reporter: Ten days after the killer storm, mayor bloomberg finally taking action. Putting in gas rationing by license plates. We have to do something. This is something that's practical and enforceable. Reporter: This week's nor'easter adding to the problems with additional power outages and tanker deliveries disrupted. There's no gas in brooklyn. We came into manhattan to get gas. Reporter: An hour and a half you said? Two hours. Reporter: The rationing, shortages and long lines expected to last at least a couple of weeks. A very welcoming sign here. A tanker truck filling the gas station up with gas. We need more of these. This is expected to last for at least a couple of weeks. The rationing in new jersey working very well there. And new york and long island, hoping for similar results.

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{"id":17678099,"title":"Gas Shortages Spread in Sandy-Hit Northeast","duration":"3:00","description":"The gas crisis is escalating as widespread rationing is being expanded.","url":"/GMA/video/hurricane-sandy-recovery-gas-shortages-spread-northeast-17678099","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}