Jack Hanna Brings Cute, Cuddly Creatures to 'GMA'

The director emeritus of the Columbus Zoo, has a new book, "Big Book of Why," out July 7.
4:02 | 06/16/15

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Transcript for Jack Hanna Brings Cute, Cuddly Creatures to 'GMA'
our friend jack Hanna visits. He is director emeritus of the Columbus zoo and brought cute and cuddly creatures. He has a new book out. It's titled "Big book of why." Oh, it's actually on chefs on July 7th. So thank you for the preview. Hilary will play a game with us, jack. So your game we're calling it jungle jack's wild facts. That's something you don't want to know. Let's stick to the animals. These are four-week-old snow leopa leopards. What do you think they use their long tails for, keep warm or for balance? Jack will fill you in on the answer and why. I will say "B" for balance. Jack, the answer is -- It's both. Oh. Trickster. Hi, baby. Why both? I just made that up. No. No, it's because they take the tail and wrap it around them to keep warm. Like a scarve. It's 30 or 40 below zero in Nepal in the mountains and their tail is for balance and can leap up to 50 feet and go like this. Longest leaping catch in the world? They're so fluffy. It's the softest coat in the world. They were hunted for that for many years and stopped now. Let's get to question two, though. Shall we? Ladies, are these beautiful babies endangered? "A." Well, I guess just yes or no. Yes. "A" is yes. Jack. Correct. Correct, endangered, yep. We really -- Are they always this docile. They're little ones and these are cats that beyond comprehension. Represents nature like you wouldn't believe. Lives up in high altitudes and not necessarily hunted anymore. Just a lot of habitat. Our second con ses tapts is -- this little fella. This is Sherman and tell us what Sherman is. A bearcat. A bearcat. I thought it was a bipnt binterong. Has a distinctive smell. You're welcome to sniff. A popcorn or "B," fruit. "B" is fruit. We've got a difference of opinion here. And the answer is, jack. Popcorn. There you go. Duff in the lied. Up by one. I'll give it a sniff. Smells more like butter popcorn. Why? Butter popcorn. He travels and get hungry. Okay. For popcorn. And is it true he can turn his claws 180 degrees? Yes, he sure is and the tail is a prehensile tail and gets to be huge. Hangs upside down and gets into fruit and eats insects and animals. He's a baby, right? Eats snake, right. Where is he from? Asia and Malaysia. Borneo sumatra. This is our final friend. Her name is Judy. She's very -- Red river hog. Can I hold her. You can try and hold her. Wait. Have you ever held a pig. I have never held a pig, jack. There you go. Judy the red river hog. I do have questions. This is going to be quite a challenge to hold Judy's bottle and do the questions but I'm going to try. How -- Have you ever bottle fed? Why don't you let us know one quick fact. 15 seconds left about her. When they get arguing with each other they use their tail to hurt the other one much they can't bite but use their tail. It's more effective. All right, everybody, jutd di is hungry. Take it from Judy. We've had a great day on "Gma." We love you, jack Hanna. Thank you for playing. Ooh. Ooh. Have a great day. Have a great Tuesday.

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{"id":31799018,"title":"Jack Hanna Brings Cute, Cuddly Creatures to 'GMA'","duration":"4:02","description":"The director emeritus of the Columbus Zoo, has a new book, \"Big Book of Why,\" out July 7.","url":"/GMA/video/jack-hanna-brings-cute-cuddly-creatures-gma-31799018","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}