New Jersey Carjacking Shooting Could Reveal Criminal Trend

The accused killers allegedly targeted the couple specifically to steal their luxury vehicle.
3:00 | 12/22/13

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Transcript for New Jersey Carjacking Shooting Could Reveal Criminal Trend
We'll turn now to the latest on the arrest of four men. This morning, police are now saying the accused cold-blooded killers want the man's luxury suv, is this part of a frightening new trend? Abc's reena ninan has more. Reporter: They credit good old-fashioned police work, technology to help crack the case. The suspect picked up just five days after the horrible attack. These four men arrested late friday night for their alleged role of the shopping mall carjack zblg we believe that the individuals immediately involved in this incident have been charged and now taken into custody. Reporter: Saturday police revealed new details of the night freeland was murdered. The four suspects arrived in a chevy suburban. They discovered dustin and his wife leaving the mall. That's when the carjackers struck. Jamie watching as her husband was fatally shot. The crime itself seems to be motivated for that desire of particular vehicle. They're targeting luxury vehicles. Like their suv. Carjacks, with so many cases it's been a focus of the fbi's new jersey office. There is a black market for stolen vehicles. Reporter: Some stolen vehicles are quickly moved to africa as part of an international ring. Investigators are looking into whether this incident is linked to others in the region. His widow expressed her thanks to police. We are very grateful to the essex county police and all of the local authorities for pursuing so quickly. The men could potentially face the death penalty. 90% of cars from carjackings are usually recovered. As was this one. What a terrible case. This morning, the woman at

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{"id":21302177,"title":"New Jersey Carjacking Shooting Could Reveal Criminal Trend","duration":"3:00","description":"The accused killers allegedly targeted the couple specifically to steal their luxury vehicle.","url":"/GMA/video/jersey-carjacking-shooting-reveal-criminal-trend-21302177","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}