Jesus Returns to the Big Screen in Biblical Movie 'Son of God'

Actress Roma Downey and her producer husband Mark Burnett are the creative team behind "Son of God," which opens nationwide this month.
3:00 | 02/18/14

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Transcript for Jesus Returns to the Big Screen in Biblical Movie 'Son of God'
Not this part of the marketing blitz for a major Hollywood movie critic that counts. The pastor of Lakewood church in Houston -- And I've got Bob -- that televangelists -- low esteem is no movie critic but his blurred could easily sell out of megaplex. The movie is coming out son of gone in just a couple of weeks and so we're excited about that. This is the -- he's plugging. Students. Son of god due in theaters at the end of the month. -- biblical blockbuster like we haven't seen in years -- hasn't been on the big screen. For ten years. Actress Roma Downey and her husband producer Mark Burnett -- the creative team behind son of god. You may recognize her from the character she played in touched by an Angel days. Some excellent as for Mark Burnett you've seen his work. Pioneered the genre of reality TV homes and human -- Created survivor. His security it's also include shark death. And the -- Last year Burnett in -- switched gears. Producing the mini series the Bible on the History Channel. Crush. Any. A Sunday school epic that was wildly successful in its own room. So much so that on Twitter hash -- hot -- started trending. The Bible was the number one mini series of 2013. An audience that easily rival breaking bad mad men. And the Walking -- My favorite headline of the whole pipe with theories with god to be somebody's bullpen -- people can -- Often unhappy both -- drugs premier and the Walking Dead and yeah. Now the couple is hoping to parlay that success -- the big screen with son of god come with me. The region -- -- change soon. And this thing that couldn't be further from reality TV it is this redemption for you. Outlook still a lot of patients without those other shows. We've put he wouldn't go listen to and therefore we wouldn't be opening 3000 screens. This movie some of gold from its when he -- It's the first of several fashion Bible movies due out this year there's also -- starring Russell Crowe. Ridley Scott's exodus with Christian Bale playing Moses. And Mary mother of Christ all due out later this year. There is a precedent. Of course decades ago Charlton Heston led the way with the ten commandments and -- -- I -- -- and Ireland and I was raised on all of those old -- movies we would sit there on rainy Sunday afternoons on the couch lined up. You know I believe I couldn't considered thinking about Moses and not in some -- remember Charlton Heston. They're hoping son of god will be that -- generation of. We're aware that many people learn to. Visual storytelling and for many people. People who don't go to church people who maybe have never read the Bible this -- some of god will be the first time. That they hear and see the story of Jesus come to life. In the movie Downey plays -- only the female lead. Virgin Mary. As a believer. What did you learn from. From becoming her. For the script but it was profoundly -- thing. To step into the room because we know -- was the mother of the son of god but she was also the mother of Islam she news. That he was born. To be extraordinary but she must not -- known that he would direct. And quite that way absolutely I don't think continued. And witness the next. Fashion -- has a precedent on the big screen. Mel Gibson's the passion of the Christ the only movie ever made it -- -- it. Supposedly the Pope himself gave his. After John Paul -- -- he reportedly said he. As it was. -- that's one hell with the movie Bullard Gibson's movie has gone on to make more than six. Billion dollars. It's a story. That everyone knows. And yet a story that. Wars have been fought over kingdoms have been lost over. Mel Gibson went out of his way to make what he thought was the definitive movie and he got into some hot water. From the Jewish community. Over. Allegations of anti semitism. Re worried about that. We -- Consulted. In -- rabbis and it -- with the anti defamation league just understand the sensitivities. And what what could we do. While keeping. To the gospels. But will be informed and to Jewish Jesus and the disciples. Rural Jewish. The world Christians Jews and Romans -- simply the Jewish people and the Romans. Even before the critics who weighed in the film has a built in audience. Don't like you. If you didn't know Jesus. And you came to this movie for the first time I think Q would get a a beautiful. Understanding. Of what he came to do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- trying to tell the movie as safe -- -- to created detention and the drama to make it compelling. Charge with the blasphemy. Clearly a labor of love for them now so poised to be a huge commercial success. I'm David Wright for Nightline in --

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{"id":22564258,"title":"Jesus Returns to the Big Screen in Biblical Movie 'Son of God'","duration":"3:00","description":"Actress Roma Downey and her producer husband Mark Burnett are the creative team behind \"Son of God,\" which opens nationwide this month.","url":"/GMA/video/jesus-returns-big-screen-biblical-movie-son-god-22564258","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}