Jimmy Fallon Names Daughter Winnie Rose

The "Late Night" host and his wife Nancy Juvonen Fallon welcomed a baby girl on July 23.
1:01 | 07/25/13

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Transcript for Jimmy Fallon Names Daughter Winnie Rose
Alan welcome of the UV he made his announcement he made the announcement on the show -- -- and just because nobody really knew that. They -- even -- are expecting a baby -- in his announcement. Everybody just late night with Jimmy -- I'm -- -- -- debt down. Dad dad oh how sweet -- Fallon 38 his wife Nancy 46. Welcomed a baby girl into the world her name Whitney rose love that name. She was born. Yesterday at. 6:21 in the morning. They are said to be overjoyed about the arrival of their beautiful daughter it is the first child for the couple who married back in 2007. Now here's I think some people are saying they had never heard that he. They were expecting so they're wondering there's a little bit of speculation out there whether or not -- -- dependency or even an adoption. Doesn't matter everybody's happy for them when he wrote that is coming into the -- one way or another and we couldn't be happier so congratulations to you Jimmy. Big time congrats.

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{"id":19771423,"title":"Jimmy Fallon Names Daughter Winnie Rose","duration":"1:01","description":"The \"Late Night\" host and his wife Nancy Juvonen Fallon welcomed a baby girl on July 23.","url":"/GMA/video/jimmy-fallon-names-daughter-winnie-rose-19771423","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}