JonBenet Ramsey Sealed Court Documents Released

Documents might shed new light on the case of the dead child beauty queen.
3:00 | 10/26/13

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Transcript for JonBenet Ramsey Sealed Court Documents Released
We're going to turn to the new revelations in the 1996 murder of a child beauty queen, jonbenet ramsey. It's not known who killed the little girl found in the basement of her colorado home. But previously sealed court documents could shed new light on the case. Abc's clayton sandell has the story from boulder. Good morning, clayton. Reporter: Good morning, bianna. This is where jonbenet's parents maintained a killer snuck in through the family's basement window. Big questions about the case are very much alive. Jonbenet ramsey. Reporter: This morning, a pivotal milestone in the nearly two-decade-old jonbenet ramsey is no longer secret. A 1990 grand jury indictment against her parents, now public, after local reporter, charlie brennan, sued to have it released. I feel it's very important that that secrecy be removed. And the people can look and see what happened and make decisions for themselves. Whether they believe it was right or wrong. Reporter: The documents reveal a grand jury voted to indict johand patsy ramsey for child abuse, resulting in death. And being accessories to a crime. But in an unusual move, the d.A. Back then decided not to prosecute. We do not have sufficient evidence to warrant the filing of charges against anyone who has been investigated at this time. Reporter: Jonbenet was found beaten and strangled the day after christmas 1996. Jonbenet ramsey. Reporter: Beauty pageant videos of a grown-up-looking 6-year-old, helped create a nationwide obsession with the case. Her parents under suspicion from the start, blamed an unknown intruder. Did you kill your daughter? I did not kill my daughter. Reporter: Patsy ramsey died of cancer two years before a new district attorney said dna evidence cleared the family as suspects. The ramseys are innocent. 1999 information is interesting. But it is, at best, a historical footnote. It does not advance the finding of the killer of this child. Reporter: This morning, boulder police insist this is still an open case. But it's gone cold. And 17 years later, investigators say jonbenet's killer may never face justice. Dan? 17 years later. Clayton, thank you. For more on the story, let's bring in attorney and former miami-dade county judge. Let's go over this decision by the prosecutor not to file charges. How unusual is this? And what do you think was going through his mind? It's very unusual. Keep in mind, the prosecutor is the one that brings this before the grand jury. The grand jury votes to indict on two counts. And says, there's not enough. And this doesn't happen very often. We have to keep in mind, what the grand jury is looking for, is probable cause. Not proof beyond a reasonable doubt, which is what the prosecutor has to have to obtain a conviction in the case. He felt he could not that. You have keyed in on one detail in a the parents were indicted as accessories. What does that tell you specifically? It's very interesting when we look at this indictment, that the parents apparently, not only were they charged or the grand jury thought there was enough to be charged with the child resulting in death, but also that they were trying to cover something up, which is what that second count was. Basically, an obstruction of justice, that there was somebody else out there and they were attempting to cover up who the somebody else was. We don't know and probably will never know. It's clear that the grand jury thought possibly there was somebody outside of the parents involved in this crime? Absolutely. And that the ramseys were attempting to cover it up. And finally, this is a cold case, as clayton said. 17 years old now. Can this discussion that we're having right now and the fact that the documents have been released, can this help generate new leads, do you think? Well, obviously, the information we have is not really going to help in the investigation. But how it is going to help is that we're talking about it. We're sitting here talking about it today. And it bridges it back in the forefront. It brings back a little girl that there's never been justice for her. And her killer is still walking around somewhere. The killer is still out there walking around somehow. Ada, thank you very much. Biannaing back over to you. Thank you so much for coming in.

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{"id":20690586,"title":"JonBenet Ramsey Sealed Court Documents Released","duration":"3:00","description":"Documents might shed new light on the case of the dead child beauty queen.","url":"/GMA/video/jonbenet-ramsey-sealed-court-documents-released-20690586","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}