Karl Rove Catches Heat for Hillary Clinton Brain Damage Remarks

Rove told an audience in California he thought the secretary of state was hiding something about her health.
2:32 | 05/14/14

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Transcript for Karl Rove Catches Heat for Hillary Clinton Brain Damage Remarks
We're going to turn to the hard-edged dustup over Hillary Clinton's health. Karl rove suggesting that Clinton's head injuries from a few months ago is more than admitted. And Jon Karl is covering it from Washington. Good morning, Jon. Reporter: Good morning, George. It seems like we've been transported into the middle of a presidential campaign. Hillary Clinton's team is accusing rove of flatout lying. Rove is hitting back. And the white house is jumping in. "The New York post" was the first to report what Karl rove told an audience out of California. Suggesting Hillary Clinton is hiding something about a health scare she had back in 2012. 30 days in the hospital? And when she reappears she's wearing glasses that are only for people who have traumatic brain injury? We need to know what's up with that. "The post" quoted rove, there's Clinton spent 3 days in the hospital, not 30. Clinton's spokesperson said rove and others on the right are lying. Rove tried to clarify his comments on Fox News. I didn't say she had brain damage. She had a serious health episode. This will be an issue in the 2016 race, whether she likes it or not. Every presidential candidate is asked for their health records. Reporter: At issue, a virus and a concussion there's Clinton suffered after a fall in 2012, which forced her to cancel some secretary of state travel and postpone testimony before congress about the benghazi attack. Appearing on '"60 minutes" in 2013, Mrs. Clinton said the prognosis was positive. I have lingering effects. But the doctors tell me that will recede. Reporter: Now, the question rove is raising, is whether she is healthy enough to serve as president. This is a deliberate part to raise health as an issue. Karl rove was the last person on election night, to acknowledge that the president had won re-election. We'll leave it at that. Reporter: Rove took some friendly fire. I do believe that Karl rove was totally wrong. He represented the worst instincts of the republican party. Reporter: This is the most forcefully we've seen Hillary Clinton seem respond to any attacks since she left office. They are accusing rove of politicizing her health. As for her health, Clinton's spokesperson said, she is 100%. And election day over 200 days away. Not even the beginning of the beginning. Not wasting any time. Now, to an emotional

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{"id":23710213,"title":"Karl Rove Catches Heat for Hillary Clinton Brain Damage Remarks","duration":"2:32","description":"Rove told an audience in California he thought the secretary of state was hiding something about her health.","url":"/GMA/video/karl-rove-catches-heat-hillary-clinton-brain-damage-23710213","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}