Katy Perry Steps in as Meteorologist

The singer went "down under" to promote her upcoming concert.
3:00 | 03/05/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Katy Perry Steps in as Meteorologist
I can hear it in Sydney Australia may have thought they weren't quite -- -- -- when their morning weather report came on recently -- made it very. Putting yourself on the map as an impromptu news meteorologist -- take a look. Actually read the morning presumed drowned hogwarts. -- -- -- -- It's -- it's the end it. Not to change the cat that what she opened up to the -- had a really eye of the camera there have to ask for the swearing. That it it. Princeton and then agree what they got a monitor them again you know -- -- had some good floral arrangement it's sort of like this. Fish. About one that they are having an economy. It's nice he has morning maestro that anyway -- -- -- -- -- a good job what -- -- went down under his promoting her upcoming concert later. Posting this very often snapshot ever big moment -- -- by the court. A cool while there can have a -- -- -- like yeah. Yeah aria that. The great. Also this morning and personal look right now -- Angelina Jolie's upcoming movie in the left that -- sat down with the Entertainment Weekly for a cover story on the film and much more talking about acting alongside her beautiful daughter Vivian who also has a role in the movie. -- also open up about her recent health scare but says he's now doing great. The new issue of Entertainment Weekly is on newsstands this week -- eleventh and Disney's week telling at sleeping beauty. Hit theaters in May thirtieth only keep -- -- -- looking -- just feel that they got the idea that the universal beauty school. Okay you ready for that the -- independent. For a guy I am sorry I -- to let's put. We all agree we'll put he grabbed it and once well yeah. I don't wanna hang on had to have a surprise for all of you right John Travolta of course weighing in after his -- mishap in the Oscars introducing frozen started you know -- -- you know them. We should -- talented. Women only. Who does -- Fidelity and of course the rising star that we're all gonna come to love in -- the -- He's been beating himself up about that moment but says quote I thought what you know men -- saying he'd probably say let it go -- let it go. But we can't let it -- because I have a one last thing to tell you we decided to Travolta by adorning slate dot com Craig have that little great fight though -- -- -- -- -- -- John Travolta would introduce you. Your isn't getting ready tests. Grace of -- sentence. Grace and grace orphans. Josh James Ed give. The layout Leona has been so that's not so that's me a Little League honestly is there. Did this hearing you sound like he could be one of my distant Moldovan relatives and I agree Gordon he missed. And it's been a road game ending -- -- -- -- -- -- and an Irish. Rob didn't yet get angry and I love you Lindsay don't we just saying handed out eight and -- on John -- it happens we -- -- -- and we're gonna let them. I'm done athletic and -- thank you for.

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{"id":22784323,"title":"Katy Perry Steps in as Meteorologist","duration":"3:00","description":"The singer went \"down under\" to promote her upcoming concert. ","url":"/GMA/video/katy-perry-steps-meteorologist-22784323","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}