Kmart's Joe Boxer Commercial Stirs Controversy

The holiday ad shows six men in boxers dancing to "Jingle Bells."
3:00 | 11/19/13

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Transcript for Kmart's Joe Boxer Commercial Stirs Controversy
Kmart shaking up what their new holiday themed commercial not everyone on -- -- -- begun their new ad campaign for Joseph -- features a lot of guys. Shaking their -- Yeah. You are not dealing. We're not doing. Yeah -- I am here to bring you all the news that pops and this is what is hopping online right now George Stephanopoulos. It has gone viral. -- -- -- Number. Nothing no love from like CNN did anybody can remember the other Abbott also -- you silence to remember on and when -- went -- avenue got that he was shipping landfall. Back yeah yeah. And Kmart today I don't even care about what makes -- They just want to push the envelope event hey everybody out just like to thank that is you don't -- to your -- -- -- that it.

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{"id":20938207,"title":"Kmart's Joe Boxer Commercial Stirs Controversy","duration":"3:00","description":"The holiday ad shows six men in boxers dancing to \"Jingle Bells.\"","url":"/GMA/video/kmarts-joe-boxer-christmas-commercial-stirs-controversy-men-20938207","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}