J-Lo Takes You Back to the Block

Michael Strahan accompanied the singer when she returned to her old neighborhood and backstage at her concert.
4:33 | 06/05/14

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Transcript for J-Lo Takes You Back to the Block
J. Lo is still jenny from the block. And I got a chance to go back to the block with her, which is special. This is a woman who loves a community and proves it by giving back whenever she can. Whether it's donating money and time to launch a health care center for kids. Or bringing down the house like she did last night in her first-ever hometown concert. ? Reporter: Jennifer Lopez, a music force of nature. ? I fish you were my first love ? Reporter: Her songs have been a soundtrack for over a decade. ? I want to dance and love and dance again ? ? even if you were wrong my love don't cost a thing ? ? waiting for tonight oh ? Reporter: But at her core, she's still -- ? don't be fooled by the rocks that I got ? ? I'm still jenny from the block ? Reporter: I'm walking on the block, with jenny from the block. It feels real nice. It feels super at home for me. I was saying when I drove up here this morning, it took me back to Sundays in the bronx. You see, it's a little quiet. The street's kind of empty. Reporter: I caught up with Jennifer and her sister, Linda, back in the bronx, to launch center for a healthy childhood. A partnership between the Lopez family foundation, and montefore foundation. The bronx rates dead-last in good health outcomes in all of the counties in New York state. We started talking to them and asked what are the issues here? What is the biggest problem? And everybody was like, it's obesity. Reporter: When you were kids, what kind of foods did you eat? We ate rice and beans and pork chops. Reporter: Every day? We had rice and beans every day. We didn't have a lot of vegetables or salads or greens or fruits or things like that. It was a whole different culture. For the center, we wanted that for children. And wanted to teach mothers, going through the whole family, so everybody gets onboard with what you want to do. Reporter: To see you guys work together, I love it. I enjoy it. Thank you. Reporter: But who kind of -- is there a competition here sometimes? I was always the baby, right? She's the little sister. Reporter: I'm little brother. I tell her things like, you're younger, go and get me water. Reporter: No. Since we were 2. When we were little. Reporter: Another way she's giving back, with a free concert. Her first ever in the bronx. I'm going to do all my hits. Do some new stuff. Reporter: You may be up there for two weeks. I'm just going to try to give them the best show I can give them. That's funny because this is the week that my first album turns 15 years old. Reporter: What would you tell yourself now if you knew what you knew now, 15 years ago, when that album came out? I would say follow your instincts. Follow your gut. The times when things did go wrong is when I didn't. Reporter: Good point. I know that feeling. Yeah. Next time, remind me to listen to myself. Reporter: And sadly for me, she didn't want to really listen when it came to my offer to help her long-time love, with the concert. There's going to be a lot of dancing. Is beau going to help you choreograph the show? He helps out. Reporter: He needs some help. I know, okay. Reporter: He's going to help -- I see you. Reporter: You see me, but you don't see me. And our cameras were there, right before the woman of the hour took the stage. ? I wish you were my first love ? Reporter: And rocked the house. I feel like my life is something that's surreal and out of, like, a fairy tale. Reporter: You're inspiring people. Impressing a little girl saying I saw J. Lo in the bronx. And I'm going to be a star, too. Thank you. ? Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got ? ? I'm still jenny from the block ? Jennifer shared some tidbits about her new album that drops June 17th. Tune in to "Gma" that morning, for more of my interview with her. And J. Lo, if you're watching, my offer to help choreograph, still stands.

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{"id":24005841,"title":"J-Lo Takes You Back to the Block","duration":"4:33","description":"Michael Strahan accompanied the singer when she returned to her old neighborhood and backstage at her concert.","url":"/GMA/video/lo-takes-back-block-24005841","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}