London Ranks #1 in Selfies says 14% of selfies are taken in the city at places like Buckingham Palace or Big Ben.
1:56 | 05/19/14

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Transcript for London Ranks #1 in Selfies
Can you guess which city is the most filthy crazed city in the world still -- trains -- -- -- Play like per capita I'm sure I was thinking because -- have some people that there. It was something that was -- with the polygamy and back at left tackle -- whenever we think something funny rocks. Bring -- -- -- check please know that -- at its not your city not -- inner -- and we have some hard -- collars and let's see what they said here. Air -- stat says. She thinks the Big Apple which is what ginger also thought -- and then Lamar Richardson says that they gap but Steve me. No -- to signal on legal on most self centric city in the world and then Lamar Richard -- said that the apple and soda ginger which actually London. Has been named the -- the capital of the world and social media -- -- I suggest -- -- Thompson more than 14% of -- he's on the web partaking in London. Many of them spots like the Buckingham Palace and Big -- And but the world's most felt he'd spots of the most attractive like the biggest attraction of sorts which -- -- an attraction is that Roman coliseum. Not even in his right. But New York -- -- second -- clothes. We from Times Square and statue of liberty yet not shocking. -- the third most -- -- city you can say that. And it was actually a tweet from -- the Laramie at Van Gogh Museum. I don't know why aren't hearing that that's not everything yet and that's not it either -- even eating -- -- these. -- I have -- -- I respect to -- -- was something in the background most of most of -- have -- capturing dogs because it's not. Really -- -- any longer but someone treated us after we kind of promoted that we're doing this they added that just some random -- men and seven. Something plays there's -- -- One minute I'm gonna make it social square I headed anonymous email -- -- you himself he would be in -- and the actor flexing girls have much more easily put dogs don't art.

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{"id":23776658,"title":"London Ranks #1 in Selfies","duration":"1:56","description":" says 14% of selfies are taken in the city at places like Buckingham Palace or Big Ben.","url":"/GMA/video/london-ranks-selfies-23776658","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}