Luke Bryan Discusses His Two Family Tragedies

Act 3: By sharing his story, Luke Bryan hopes to let people know they're not alone.
8:56 | 11/06/13

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Transcript for Luke Bryan Discusses His Two Family Tragedies
You know, it's not often that the threat of getting fired is a good thing but that's exactly what happened to nashville hunk luke bryan. His father told him if he didn't quit he would fire him because he needed to pursue his dream. Overcoming a double tragedy to become the star whose party is just getting started. Here's amy robach with the gospel and the country according to luke. I bring you, fish. Reporter: Luke bryan is hard at work making his new farm land fun. From his automatic catfish feeder to the tomato and okra patch. That was the old patch. That was my attempt at gardening. I grew atomato and I didn't even know it. Reporter: This country boy is equally at home in the dirt or up on stage where he's famous not only for his singing but, well, his signature shake. They have a bunch of your signature moves all edited together to this rap song. A luke bryan but shaking mashup. I watched it and I was like am i really doing that? Did you know that there is a twitter handle devoted to your rear end? It's flattering. It's fun for me. I've been shaping the butt for many years to earn that. Reporter: Luke bryan is the hip shaking hit maker. has ruled the top of the charts for weeks. Luke's career is a slow simmer that's heating up. You're watching a superstar about to go super nova. Love your country radio, all my fans, love you. Reporter: You're nominated for the cma's male vocalist of the year and entertainer of the year. Did you ever imagine any of that? No. In our family when the cma awards were on, it was an event. I mean, it was like you got to eat in the living room. It was like that special -- you got to make your little -- lay a towel down on the shag carpet and eat. Before country was cool? Oh, yeah. Country was pretty dang cool back then. They could pull off rhine stones and stuff. Reporter: All this attention still makes him nervous. I've had panic attacks before big moments. That's -- it's kind of fun. You want that anxiety of a big -- I mean, I'm nervous sitting down with you and knowing how many people will see this and I have to kind of go, get your breath, calm down. But I wouldn't want it to not be that way. What about your first arena headlining tour? Oh, my gosh, freaking out. Freaking out. Reporter: Sold out stadiums were the unimagined future for thomas brian, the youngest son of a peanut farmer. He was the protected and beloved little brother of older sister kelly and older brother chris. Luke's mother says he was a born musician. Well, my story is about luke, he was sickly when he was little. So I rocked him all the time. Well, bounced him. And I hummed rock of ages and he could literally hum rock of ages before he could talk. Can you still do it? ♪ ♪ Reporter: Luke would take that natural talent to the stage and started his own band. His mother loved his singing then and now. Do you have a favorite song? Probably drink a beer. Can't believe you're really gone. That's a -- that's a touching song for us. ♪ Drink a beer ♪ Reporter: It's a song of loss, something the bryans know too well. Just days before luke planned to leave home to follow his dreams came a true test of faith and family. My older brother chris was unexpectedly killed in a car accident. What a crazy -- I mean it's like I'm kind of hyperventilating talking about it, but it was just not a cool deal, you know. You never truly move beyond it. Reporter: Luke decided to put his nashville dreams on hold. Family came first. So luke stayed home and went to college. He spent the next few years playing in bars at night and working on his father's farm during the day. Were you ever worried that he wouldn't start the career that he was meant to have? We knew luke at some point would come to nashville, but you can't leave your family. I couldn't bear thought of him being away. Reporter: Luke's sense of duty kept him home. His father tommy knew the only way to get luke to follow his destiny was to fire him. One day I told him, if you are going to pursue your music career you need to pack your truck up and move to nashville. So we had already -- he pushed me out of the nest. Reporter: To nashville he flew. He found early success as a song writer and not long after signed ais a performer and had his first hit song, all my friends say. Luke was invited to perform it at the famous grand ole opry. His big sister kelly organized 129 people, practically their entire hometown to come up and see luke's debut. This photo of kelly and luke back stage at the opry would be the last one they ever took together. Kelly unexpectedly died at home a few days later. Luke says the cause remains undetermined. Two unthinkable -- my only siblings dpgone from the world in a flash in two different crazy tragic manners. You've been very private about this side of your life. Why is it important for you to talk about it now? My main thing is it's important for people to know they're not alone. I love the fact that people can see that god still is gracious and humbling and powerful and can make things right, too. If me telling my story moves people down a positive path of hope and getting up out of the bed and getting that going, then it's certainly worth telling. Reporter: Coming out of the nightmare of tragedy, luke is writing a new story, a fairytale romance. He's married to his college sweet heart caroline. She's the star of his "crash my party" video and the leading lady of his life. ♪ ♪ Reporter: Together they're building a future for sons bo and tate. Construction is under way for a new house on their farm land. It's perfect. I will have it out here. As the song says -- we're going to go mud bogging. Reporter: It's where a father can play in the mud with his son and where a new family story begins. At number three on our countdown of the greatest country duets is a heaping portion of a country fried cat fight. reba McIntyre and linda davis duke it out over a cheating husband in the 1993 hit "does he love you." That was probably my favorite because I'm a girl and that's a chick song. The song hit number one an the country charts earning them a cma award and a grammy.

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{"id":20799022,"title":"Luke Bryan Discusses His Two Family Tragedies","duration":"8:56","description":"Act 3: By sharing his story, Luke Bryan hopes to let people know they're not alone. ","url":"/GMA/video/luke-bryan-discusses-family-tragedies-20799022","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}