Make-A-Wish, Macy's Make Christmas Wishes Come True

The sixth annual "Believe" campaign helped make so many sick children's dreams a reality.
3:00 | 12/24/13

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Transcript for Make-A-Wish, Macy's Make Christmas Wishes Come True
All season long, we've been getting into the holiday spirit with a special effort to cheer children with serious illnesses. Macy's teamed up with make-a-wish for their sixth annual believe campaign, in which your letters to santa have helped make many sick children's dreams come true. Take a look. The power of a wish. The spirit of giving. We're here. Santa's got a lot of letters. Reporter: The sixth annual believe campaign combines two powerhouses, macy's and make-a-wish, to help provide wishes for children with life-threatening illnesses. This year's campaign kicked off right here in times square. Santa's elves are already on the case. Reporter: For every stamped letter that was written to santa and mailed at a macy's believe box across the country, macy's donated $1 to make-a-wish. D on one special day, macy's doubled that amount to ensure that even more wishes could come true. We saw firsthand the power of those wishes. Help, batkid. Reporter: Batkid, saving a city in peril. Meeting teen adoll josh hutcherson. A princess dancing with a real prince. And baking with none other than the cake boss. High-five. Reporter: Just a handful of wishes among thousands across the country, bringing joy, smiles and hope for families. Thank you, macy's. Thank you, make-a-wish. "Good morning america." So many beautiful stories. And here with us now for our grand christmas finale to this campaign, are macy's chief operating officer, marcy reardon. And the president and ceo of make-a-wish, david williams. Good morning. Marcy, let's start with you. I know you got more than 1 million letters. What does that mean to the amount of money you'll be donating to make-a-wish. We are so proud to say we will be donating $2 million to the make-a-wish organization. What does all this money mean for your organization? It's amazing. There's 27,000 kids that are diagnosed with a medical condition. For every family we're helping, there's a family we're not. What a donation like this does for us is enables us to close that gap. Martine, what does it mean for macy's? Giving back is such an important part of the macy's brand. To give back to an organization, like the make-a-wish organization, it benefits children with life-threatening diseases, it feels so good to be able to help. And we're only making help here. But we're really proud of the work we can do with the make-a-wish organization. It's been six, great years. 8.5 million in total donations. We're thrilled to continue to do this great program. 2 million. And we've seen the benefits play out right here on our broadcast. Thank you very much, guys.

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{"id":21322262,"title":"Make-A-Wish, Macy's Make Christmas Wishes Come True","duration":"3:00","description":"The sixth annual \"Believe\" campaign helped make so many sick children's dreams a reality.","url":"/GMA/video/make-macys-make-christmas-wishes-true-21322262","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}