Man Who Survived Nail in Heart: 'I Was Very Lucky'

Eugene Rakow accidentally shot himself in the heart with a nail gun while fixing a neighbor's deck.
1:56 | 10/03/13

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Transcript for Man Who Survived Nail in Heart: 'I Was Very Lucky'
Now, to an amazing story of luck and survival. We showed you the astonishing picture of a nail into the heart. It happened when a man building a deck accidentally shot a nail gun into his chest. Right into his heart. He survived. And now, he's speaking out about it. Abc's alex perez has that story. Reporter: Take a look at this unbelievable x-ray of eugene rakow's heart, as a nail went into the carpenter's breastbone. They told me I was lucky. Reporter: That's because it came just two millimeters from putting a nail in his own coffin friday. Came down, right in my chest. Reporter: Rakow was mixing his neighbor's deck when he caught the nail in his chest. With the nail in his heart, he ran to his truck and called the first person that came to mind, his wife, carmen. At one point I started to lose it. Get it together. Reporter: With her own heart sinking, carmen rushed her husband to the hospital. He felt gurgling and crunching in his chest. Reporter: Doctors say where the nail hit rakow is most likely what saved his life. The nail caught on the sternum just like the sternum was a two by four. Reporter: This cross section x-ray shows how deep into his heart the nail went. Just two millimeters away from the coronary artery. Surgeons were able to remove the spike and sue two stitches on his heart. I would play the lottery tonight. Reporter: Rakow says he knows he's lucky. But his goal is to return to his work as a carpenter. If it wasn't for god's protective hand, I would have been done. Reporter: A second shot at life after a shot to the heart he'll never forget. For "good morning america," alex perez, abc news, chicago.

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{"id":20455465,"title":"Man Who Survived Nail in Heart: 'I Was Very Lucky'","duration":"1:56","description":"Eugene Rakow accidentally shot himself in the heart with a nail gun while fixing a neighbor's deck.","url":"/GMA/video/man-shot-heart-nail-gun-survives-20455465","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}