Matt Terry Discusses Calvin Klein Super Bowl Commercial

New Jersey stock boy talks about being in underwear ad going viral on the internet.
3:00 | 02/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Matt Terry Discusses Calvin Klein Super Bowl Commercial
To say it's very hard for me here is already national Yankee fan and I'm looking at its fat Matthew -- off camera he's not news I'm not inclined -- Get that nice young man he should just join us for that. The rest of the show us I don't -- -- it's like all -- -- that is what I was busy you know covering today's game. And the blackout scene are really not -- around the globe. We're becoming a big. My overnight stuff they share on that. So -- -- of its ad runs during the game where where you was up my agent's apartment in Manhattan so what what -- what part of the game was. I think it was at the end of the first quarter and a great spot the second commercial. -- -- do you remember them -- commercial. I don't -- -- I don't remember all tell you what I do remember I remember Twitter lit up with hash tag Calvin Klein. Kind of like what did I miss what what -- I -- do you have I think I was the middle of helping your pocket. Coming out of the deep Fryer and and you I mean it was all over the place so congratulations thank you very much deal did you have any. Trying that it would explode -- -- -- I really had no idea like. What could actually happen after the commercial -- so like it was just you know. Indonesians things and we just talk about this this incredible piece of work. Howard is that Justin greens is used honesty somewhere just doing just -- is. It was literally just a big -- screen behind the plate behind me and just those on a black -- it's a good question yeah. I don't know how we -- -- -- -- he's that he. And let's be honest and that's remembered in these US happily gauge how I -- gasoline -- -- what's going on behind yeah. Get behind you it. Only cares and yeah. I second there was -- Brownstein -- Certainly did his. You have a question if you have a question for our lovely guest -- this wondering if the young man was -- -- food and commercial. -- -- -- so I'm real encounter what what are they might do to make you kind of China is there a special excuse saying that -- Or is -- is it just regular like big oil would they do they hero and I don't know any. Me neither has looked into it Miss America contestants can have Frazier -- season premiere list if they can get it hasn't gotten its strawberry had an -- -- between takes. Push ups and -- -- and I -- really nothing that. Before and then like you know in between takes is different just -- I'm not pulled me from because I was like -- around and stuff like that you know sensible human -- of exercises you want to -- -- been kind enough to offer -- tomorrow -- -- -- let's -- it Sam lets you don't tell anyone. Year old gorgeous smile -- -- So that I -- the teen model. I'm not not sure all of us I think -- exercise that you do dictate to get your work and yes -- is reportedly doing what getting along Floyd then what we're seeing here anyway and my laying face down on my face down this is this is called planks and down. Then you're gonna put -- and a. The floor of the week delegates might as -- now I'm working on my performance in our area and stick your legs out. And then that certain leasehold and you know holding elected Guinea on what are we going to be for as long as you -- -- -- the -- new home did probably forever. He's the -- watched TV like this. I have been known to do yet it's killing me on the. Stealing money but. The exercise and I get all this of fuel -- yeah. Really need when I really millions and I get up get someone help. Really just pulled from the middle to thank -- -- -- San -- left behind you a giant of course there's there's going to be a flagging. If that's a good exercise you feel it everywhere. Like lower back -- upper and lower care be glued to hit him yeah. Everybody in America. The next superstar -- -- there.

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{"id":18409353,"title":"Matt Terry Discusses Calvin Klein Super Bowl Commercial","duration":"3:00","description":"New Jersey stock boy talks about being in underwear ad going viral on the internet.","url":"/GMA/video/matt-terry-discusses-calvin-klein-super-bowl-commercial-18409353","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}