Last Minute Christmas Shopping: The Best Stores

Rachel Smith shares the best places to get those final gifts.
2:19 | 12/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Last Minute Christmas Shopping: The Best Stores
On to the shopping front. We are genuinely down to the wire. Two days left and this question, where is the best place to shop? Rachel smith is in the front lines joining us with advice. Good morning to you. Reporter: Oh, yes, on the front lines indeed, dan, good morning, everyone. It's the final stretch, two days until christmas. If you're a last-minute shopper of course, you know you're not alone, a reported 40% of americans are still checking off items on their christmas list. ♪ the clock is ticking. We have a lot of time. Reporter: Some, a bit in denial. Most scrambling. Including these little ones. There are still many options, panicking, not one of them. Option number one, hit up a local small business. They may be more convenient and could turn out to be your secret weapon. A customer said did you got this, I wrapped it. She was on her way. Reporter: Option two, large chain stores. This late in the game they may just save the day with round the clock hours and seemingly endless inventory. What are the benefits of going to a store like toys "r" us. You get everything. Everything is in there. All the toys you could possibly want. Reporter: The biggest benefits last-minute price slashing. They have discounts because they don't want to get with this excess inventory. Reporter: To get this on the latest deals 'em withshowing apps, I compare prices, right to your phone. Shopkick will send you coupons when you approach the store. Reporter: If you've reached your limit, hit the web, a gift card, e-book or online subscription is always the safe bet. If all else fails, if. The whole I left my gift at home and wait until december 26th and go shopping. Reporter: Okay, so that's not exactly in the spirit of christmas, although the very best deals are the days after christmas. But perhaps that's shopping better left for yourself. Rachel, news you can use and ron is writing down some of those websites, as well. Thanks, rachel. While americans are buying

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{"id":18048755,"title":"Last Minute Christmas Shopping: The Best Stores","duration":"2:19","description":"Rachel Smith shares the best places to get those final gifts.","url":"/GMA/video/minute-christmas-shopping-best-stores-18048755","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}