Alleged Beauty Queen Bomber Faces 15 Years in Prison

Kendra Gill and three other teens face felony charges in connection to "prank."
2:00 | 08/30/13

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Transcript for Alleged Beauty Queen Bomber Faces 15 Years in Prison
the teenage beauty queen accused of tossing bombs out of a moving vehicle in ututah. Kendra gill give up her title. Now, she might be forced to give up her freedom, as well. Abc's david wright has the story. Reporter: In her first appearance in court, facing felony charges and a possible 15-year sentence, 18-year-old kendra gill did not speak a word. The former beauty queen has traded her tiara for a mug shot. It sounded like dynamite or loud firecrackers. Reporter: Callers to 911 described how she and three other teenagers hurled the explosives at homes. There was plastic bottles. Reporter: The bombs were homemade. Ordinary water bottles, filled with legal household chemicals the teenagers picked up at walmart. The devices had the explosive power to remove a limb. The four teenagers admitted they threw the bombs to scare their other friends. Kendra gill is taking responsibility publicly. Saying she wasn't thinking about what she was doing. We didn't think about what were we doing at the time. We didn't know it would get to this point. We just, you know, meant for it to be a practical joke. And never had any intentions to harm anyone. Reporter: Gill has resigned her title, her scholarship and the chance to compete for miss utah so she can focus on her criminal defense. This was a pank. The state is trying to send a message that if you're going to do a prank, stick with toilet paper. Reporter: Her behavior one rowdy night, undermining the traditional beauty queen image of world peace, landing this

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{"id":20118265,"title":"Alleged Beauty Queen Bomber Faces 15 Years in Prison","duration":"2:00","description":"Kendra Gill and three other teens face felony charges in connection to \"prank.\"","url":"/GMA/video/miss-utah-arrested-alleged-beauty-queen-bomber-faces-20118265","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}