Missing Nevada Family Found Alive After 2 Days

James Glanton, his girlfriend, children, niece and nephew survived in subzero temperatures.
3:00 | 12/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Missing Nevada Family Found Alive After 2 Days
A nevada family rescued after missing for two days, stranded and freezing. Abc's david wright is in their hometown, lovelace, nevada. Good morning, david. Reporter: Good morning, george. We're inside this hospital where the family has spent the night, in the ward down the hallway behind me. Miraculously, all of them in food condit good condition. It's a miracle. It really is. Reporter: When they finally arrived in the ambulance, safe and sound at last, the hospital staff greeted them with cheers. It all started out as a day to play in the snow. 34-year-old james glanton, his girlfriend, 25-year-old christina MacIntee, their two kids, and a niece and nephew, the children ranging in age from 3 to 10, heading into this picturesque mountain range in nevada. They flipped the car upside down, stranding them in the middle of nowhere. For two nights, the family survived on water and candy bars, burning one of the jeep's tires to keep warm. They even heated up rocks inside the burning tire, using them to warm the children at night, when temperatures bottomed out at 20 below zero. All of the kids were warm. The dad did an excellent job. Reporter: Rescuer chris montes has known this family for 20 years. I gave jay a big, old hug. Reporter: For two days, the search and rescue operation turned up no leads. The family says at night, they could see the helicopters overhead and hear rescue whistles. But they were out of cell phone range, unable to place a call. Early tuesday morning, the civil air patrol, was able to locate christina's cell phone signal. That helped pinpoint their location, 30 miles away from where most of the teams had been looking. Experts say, the family did everything right to survive. One of the most critical thing they did right was to stay with the car. That's your biggest survival resource. One of the biggest factors in surviving is the will to survive. Reporter: This rescue effort involved pretty much the whole town. 200 people out there searching. All of them celebrating this morning. Robin? David, thank you very much. We're going to bring in the e.R. Physician treating the family, dr. Doug vacek of pershing general hospital. It's so good to see you. Can you tell us the condition of the family this morning? The family's doing well this morning, especially considering what they've been through. Again, some exposure symptoms and dehydration. But they're doing really well. Were they able to share with you at all how they were able to survive under those conditions for so long? They were going to be in the back country. They had very warm clothes with them. The father did a very, very good job of keeping the family calm. Keeping everyone together. And did the right thing by staying with the vehicle. And by getting a fire going. The very first thing he knew they were in trouble in the back country. And the fact they had food and water with them also. It is amazing, dr. Vacek, when you think about how the family, the father in particular, what he did. And the quick thinking, staying close together. From a medical standpoint, were you surprised of the good condition of the family? Very surprised. The fact they had been out two nights in sub -- minus 10 degree temperatures. I was expecting some frostbite. I was expecting even worse. And when the family arrived in the e.R. For the first time, what was their condition. Very good. They had been in an ambulance. They were out a little ways. They were warmed up. All fingers and toes were fine. Everyone was walking, talking, eating and drinking. That's always a very good sign. Do you have any idea when the family will be released from the hospital, sir? We're going to reassess them in the morning make sure that things look as good as it is. And hopefully today they'll go home. And did you say something about christmas and how special it will be for them? They did say that in particular. They will appreciate it more than they typically would. Dr. Vacek, thank you very much. Appreciate it. We wish you all the best. Thank you.

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{"id":21173985,"title":"Missing Nevada Family Found Alive After 2 Days","duration":"3:00","description":"James Glanton, his girlfriend, children, niece and nephew survived in subzero temperatures.","url":"/GMA/video/missing-nevada-family-found-alive-days-21173985","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}