National Cereal Day U.S. Map Sculpture

Lara, Sam and Josh talk to the artist behind an all-breakfast-cereal map.
3:11 | 03/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for National Cereal Day U.S. Map Sculpture
The big day four serial. On the right is in this -- -- Cereal that the national serial and check out this week to risk Allentown community -- -- this is the -- it and kind of Colorado has never looked more delicious -- that is is unforgivable that is. I really love this low and look what -- did you did with the elected Johnson and he had a lucky charms and other rivers how -- how well let's take other two and a half weeks to. Prepared everything in one day to apply the pieces and and tell us your answer McChrystal go away and I -- you are. With the amazing people behind the project and if you don't with Tanya little bit about what made you choose the cocoa puffs -- Iowa and you know. Closer what was your inspiration. Basically we've been by the Texas weather whatever look good that's what I love about this is the textures is if there's it's just so beautiful it's really beautiful and we -- -- we didn't -- affiliates today and we were confident that week. And we sort for the -- time together and now where -- this -- -- it's going back to time when attended today they can be viewed today. While but they have developed for the -- actually realize that there are serial stuck to the board this kind of like -- over will see -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you have -- not alphabet for -- -- enough material. We do this is yours Foreman -- that you're not -- we do incredible things in different materials bullet time and even if you can imagine is that is is that I know. I don't as a fighter she apparently I think that's is that all -- yeah. It is that's incredible that's totally it's -- codify a lot of the techsters wow what can't base underneath like tell me how he revenue India. Upright bass each pieces like Dick supposedly comes off right -- -- each piece and in his. -- and place -- -- and so different people were guilty because I don't understand -- you didn't see it until today and because different people putting things together. We -- yesterday the opposite assembling its you can see Colorado Louisiana we're -- -- -- -- what's right -- -- he had this is youths. Ambling Bryant volatile time I don't think let's talk about my little yeah now I understand -- and mr. you always help with food and. Now we approve any material and Ontario -- your sculpture sculptor who loves to create these sort of you know what. -- media so that executives every week we do different project. I love it really really gorgeous Wheeler -- NASCAR audience -- you wanna hear from you what is your favorite cereal of all time at the heart -- -- -- parents. I think apple jacks -- All the apple jacks before they -- exchanged among different colors like old Appleton yes -- You have a favorite. They're lucky so lucky -- low -- Apparently -- the that's what little I mean we've got a couple we got tricks and got lucky charms cereals -- -- Cheerios with all due respect I want -- you know what -- if we vote over here at W voting -- -- -- Again again yes OK so we want to hear from him. -- -- There are so many -- choose from -- -- -- jobs. I was thinking that he's saying -- Jonathan is working with -- lucky charms is terrific. It actually does is a very -- now because it's kind of cool and the media and real like kind of complete. This man ran Exxon -- -- Morgan Pena.

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{"id":18675533,"title":"National Cereal Day U.S. Map Sculpture","duration":"3:11","description":"Lara, Sam and Josh talk to the artist behind an all-breakfast-cereal map.","url":"/GMA/video/national-cereal-day-us-map-sculpture-made-breakfast-18675533","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}