NFL Playoffs Kick off With Major Wildcard Matchups

Check out the big games scheduled for the opening round of this year's postseason.
2:35 | 01/09/16

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Transcript for NFL Playoffs Kick off With Major Wildcard Matchups
powerball ticket I think it's a good weekend to sit on your couch and watch the NFL. Here's why, the playoffs begin, wild card weekend, four big games that starts with the Houston texans hosting the Kansas City chiefs. You can watch it on both ABC and ESPN and joining us from ESPN studios right now is NFL analyst former player and coach herm Edwards. Good morning, coach. Thanks for joining us. Good morning. Have nice conditions in Houston, but not so much in Minnesota That's right. You know what, before we talk about today's texans/chiefs game. It's all about tomorrow. Seattle. The ice bowl and freezer bowl. The prediction right now for the weather. The windchill could make it feel like 20 degrees below or colder, coach. How dangerous are those conditions? Well, I don't know about dangerous so much. Who can withstand the elms. Both playing in a big game. You think about games of this nature, the first thing you're concerned with as a coach for the players is their feet and hands, keeping those things warm and then the balls. The balls have to be warm for the kickers obviously and the quarterback so you can't heat them with any heaters but that becomes a part of the process. Along with the wind conditions. Is it wet and is it windy or just windy or just dry and cold? So these are the conditions you have to play in, especially in playoff atmosphere and it's outside, both teams. No one gets any edge on that. It's just mental toughness and obviously ball security. Yeah, no one gets the advantage. We have to start thinking of names. We've seen the freezer bowl and ice bowl. Let's go back today. You once coached the chiefs playing the texans. Who do you like in the gamy. I like the chiefs. I like the roll they're on. Both these teams are built the same way. Lost their running backslier but found a way chiefs being, what, with two wins, Houston with two wins and find a way winning the division, the chiefs have won ten in a row now so I think the key is Alex smith. He is actually the only quarterback in the playoffs with all the quarterbacks that has not turned the ball over. He's been in three playoff games. He's thrown nine touchdown, zero interceptions. This defense of the chiefs takes the ball away, 119 points scored off takeaways. I think the chiefs find a way to win the game. I think it will be a fabulous football game. Both built the same way with good defenses and it's not going to be a high-scoring affair at all. Enjoy the games from inside that the warm studios, coach. Particularly tomorrow's game. Thanks for joining us this morning. Reminder you can watch them starting at 4:20 in afternoon on both ABC and ESPN and this is pretty big because it's our first NFL game in ten years.

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{"id":36184448,"title":"NFL Playoffs Kick off With Major Wildcard Matchups","duration":"2:35","description":"Check out the big games scheduled for the opening round of this year's postseason.","url":"/GMA/video/nfl-playoffs-kick-off-major-wildcard-matchups-36184448","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}