North Korea Could Launch Missile On Anniversary of Country's Founding

Kim Jong Un might follow cultural tradition of making military moves marking historic dates.
2:55 | 04/06/13

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Transcript for North Korea Could Launch Missile On Anniversary of Country's Founding
We'll start with serious news and increasingly ominous tones coming out of north korea. This morning in fact we're getting fresh indications about when the strange and secretive regime there might conduct an expected missile launch that could ratchet up the tension in this crisis even further. Bob woodward is in seoul, south korea. Reporter: The reporting out of seoul is that the south korean military is now speculating that if there is a missile launch, it could be happening sometime around april 15th or before because that day is the 101st birthday of the founder of north korea kim ill so song. Parades, marches and military action are connected to important dates. The last nuclear test happened within a few days of the birthday of kim jong-il. This rocket lpril launched but failed took place a couple days before the 100th birthday of his grandfather kim il-sung. That's why they're watching the movements toward the coast trying to predict what will happen if a missile is launched how south korea, japan or the u.S. Should react. We think we have the capable to knock it down but have never tested against it so until you actually do it for real, there's no knowing that we have absolutely 100% certainty of knocking this down. So there's obviously going to be some tension within the u.S., As well. Can we actually engage this missile. Reporter: In a frightening warning the north korean government is encouraging foreign embassies including britain and russia to leave before april 10th because they cannot guarantee their security anymore. But this morning, here in seoul, life appears to be pretty normal. In the rain, the streets are filled because they have lived through such propaganda so many times they are fairly confident this is just another spectacle. "Our government should have a sword in one hand and hold out their other" this father told us. The kim jong-un regime will collapse. These canadian high school students tell us they have little fear. My mom is probably kind of nervous. Nothing here seems like anything is wrong. If I didn't know anything was up you would have never guessed. It just seems scary for wheel are on the outside guess. Reporter: President obama is reaching out to china to tie to get them to convince north korea to back away from their possible threats and as you know, dan and bianna, china is the most influential country in asia. China a key player in the region. Reassuring to see scenes pretty normal and reports out of north korea that things are the same there. I guess the big concern is we know so little about kim jong-un and his intentions. Exactly.

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{"id":18897114,"title":"North Korea Could Launch Missile On Anniversary of Country's Founding","duration":"2:55","description":"Kim Jong Un might follow cultural tradition of making military moves marking historic dates. ","url":"/GMA/video/north-korea-launch-missile-anniversary-countrys-founding-18897114","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}