NSA Scandal Grows, Obamacare Site Revamped

Jonathan Karl on reports the president didn't know about NSA spying and the troubled Obamacare site.
1:17 | 10/28/13

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Transcript for NSA Scandal Grows, Obamacare Site Revamped
In the streets, in the press. The people feel the nsa has invaded their countries and their privacy. Thanks, terry. More from jon karl. They're saying the entire nsa program under review? Reporter: That's right. They're pointing to the review, that they say will be done by DECEMBER 15th. But, the nsa released a statement saying that the nsa has never discussed with the president any program involving espionage on german chancellor merkel. The president has to explain to our allies why we have been spying on them and explain why he, the president of the united states, didn't know anything about this for five years. Hard to believe they wouldn't tell him. Meantime, healthcare.Gov under fire. Kathleen sebelius will go to capitol hill and face a grilling. Reporter: She'll get hammered. Take a look at this. Over the weekend, healthcare.Gov underwent a facelift. An unfacelift, you might say. That woman is now gone. We never knew her name. The most famous anonymous woman in america. No longer there. Okay, george. Now to the growing manhunt for the four escaped inmates on

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{"id":20700850,"title":"NSA Scandal Grows, Obamacare Site Revamped","duration":"1:17","description":"Jonathan Karl on reports the president didn't know about NSA spying and the troubled Obamacare site.","url":"/GMA/video/nsa-scandal-grows-obamacare-site-revamped-20700850","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}