OJ Simpson to go before parole board

Simpson, currently serving 33 years on armed robbery and kidnapping charges, is "hopeful" about asking for freedom from a Nevada parole board, his friend tells ABC News.
5:24 | 06/20/17

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Transcript for OJ Simpson to go before parole board
We begin with that big patrol hearing for O.J. Simpson. The Nevada department of corrections hours away from announcing the date when commissioners will meet and decide o.j.'s future. We spoke with one of his closest friends and he's revealing his state of mind. That's right. It is a huge day for O.J. Simpson because he will learn what day his fate will be determined after nearly nine years and many say Simpson actually has a real shot at getting out. This morning, O.J. Simpson set to learn exactly when he will face a Nevada patrol board to ask for his freedom. He's hopeful he's not going to -- try to retry the case. He's done a lot of positive things in prison. Reporter: Simpson's close friend Tom Scotto says he talks over the phone to the star on a weekly basis. He wants to keep a low profile. Be with his kid, be with his family, play golf is one of his main things. Count someone conspiracy to commit a crime, guilty. Count two, guilty. Count three, guilty. Reporter: Serving 33 years on charges after a botched 2007 attempt to recover sports memorabilia he said belonged to him. This next hearing could set him free. I have not had any incidents despite all the stories in the tabloids. Anything he's had with other inmates whether tutoring or teaching or coaching and staying out of trouble. What the parole board wants to see you've been rehabilitated. Orenthal J. Simpson not guilty of the ceil of murder. Reporter: It was more than 20 years ago he was acquitted in the killings of his ex-wife and her friend Ron Goldman. A civil trial later finding him lib liable for wrongful death. I did not commit this crime. Reporter: Millions tuning this to the FX miniseries "American crime sear:the people versus O.J. Simpson" starring Cuba Gooding Jr. And "o.j.:made in America." Among those watching Ron Goldman's family. It's like constantly having salt being poured in an open wound. Reporter: Who told Matt Gutman earlier this year they can't bear the idea of Simpson as a free man. There is a chance that he could get paroled this year in 2017. October, yeah. What would that picture look like to you? Disgust. He did a horrible heinous crime and I have no feeling except rot in hell. Reporter: If he is granted parole he would be 70 when he gets out in October. If he is not granted parole next month they will decide at that hearing the date of the next parole board meeting and it might be another five years, robin. He would be 75. All right, Amy. Let's bring in Dan Abrams. So what do you think his chances are. If he wasn't O.J. Simpson his chances would be quite good. He was already granted parole on 5 of the 12 charges so he was in front of the parole board and made his plea and granted parole on those. You need four of the seven commissioners there to recommend release to get release. They do this for about half the people. And O.J. Sifrm in 2013 talked about the fact that he was disinfecting prison weight room equipment, he was mopping floors, he was coaching the prisoners, et cetera, those are the sorts of things you can expect to hear this time around. What are the factors? There's a formula almost they look at. There are 11 factors and there's a plus and minus for each one so ends up getting a score at the end and they relate to everything from the crime itself, his behavior in prison, his gender, his age, the enact that he's almost 70 years old will work to his advantage so you have a whole list of them with plus and minus to each one. If you look at what happened in 2013, you would say, huh. Same factors are going to be applied here except for the crime itself. You would think that he's got a pretty good shot except the fact that he's O.J. Simpson has just got to play into this in some way, shape or form. These people are human. And even though he is supposed to be held accountable for the crime he was convicted of how can they not think about his previous arrest, even though he was acquitted. Well, that's right. That's a critical question because in theory I mean reality, his previous criminal history is a relevant factor in determining whether he gets parole but he has no criminal history because he was acquitted in the criminal case. And that's what drives people like the Goldman family that you just saw there crazy is the idea you're telling me he gets to have no criminal history when assessing whether he's going to be up for parole? So, look, I think this time will be a little different. Last time the parole board knew he wasn't going to be released no matter what. But, you know, as I said before, if this were just looking at the crime and just looking at the guy and the factors I think he probably would be released. But it's O.J. Simpson. Yeah and they have a lot of discretion. Dan, thanks. We'll see what happens.

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{"id":48149980,"title":"OJ Simpson to go before parole board","duration":"5:24","description":"Simpson, currently serving 33 years on armed robbery and kidnapping charges, is \"hopeful\" about asking for freedom from a Nevada parole board, his friend tells ABC News.","url":"/GMA/video/oj-simpson-parole-board-48149980","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}