Open Mike: California Chrome Prepares for Belmont Stakes

Jockey Victor Espinoza reveals how "America's horse" is getting ready for the big race.
3:08 | 06/03/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Open Mike: California Chrome Prepares for Belmont Stakes
It's time for "Open Mike" this morning, everybody. And America's horse, California chrome, has a chance to make history this weekend. He won the Kentucky derby. He won the preakness. And if he wins the Belmont stakes on Saturday, he will be the first triple crown winner in 35 years. His jockey, victor Espinosa is here to tell us about it. You're headed to the Belmont. We're all happy you're here. You're headed to the Belmont Saturday. But you realize, the whole country is behind you, rooting for you and California chrome to win this race. A lot of pressure. A lot of weight to carry on me. A lot of weight to carry. George and I were wondering, do you have to cut any weight before the race? Not this time. Right now, I'm watching my weight. You twisted steel of sex appeal. Right. Exactly what I was thinking. Has California chrome ever been in a race this long? No one in the race has ever done that long. They're all the same. What's the strategy? Win. That's right. You know? I should bring one. Do you wear the nose clips, too? Yeah. Like a solidarity thing. I guess. Or do you not breathe? For the horses, I think it's more dirt. Does California chrome, on race day, that it's race day. Do you feel the horse knows it's time to perform? Yep. When I get on, he knows he's going to run. Really? Yeah. He's been trained. He's had some good practice runs at Belmont already. Yeah. I work him Saturday. And he did well? Very well. Does the horse get nervous? Some of them do. But California chrome, no. He's really cool. He is. If California chrome wins and what does he get? Right. Like some extra sugar cubes? Extra hay? A nice meal. A nice meal? Yeah. What do you think the chances are? Do you think you're going to win it? I can't say. But we do have a good chance, yeah. He runs very well. Very well. Are there any professional exercises or anything you do before the race? Yes. A lot. Can you show me? Are you going to do it with me? I want to be a jockey. We're about the same size, man. Well. All right. One leg. One leg. Go like this. Yeah. All the way down. Come on. That is all the way down for me. No. You have to go lower. Lower? You're supposed to help me,

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{"id":23971232,"title":"Open Mike: California Chrome Prepares for Belmont Stakes","duration":"3:08","description":"Jockey Victor Espinoza reveals how \"America's horse\" is getting ready for the big race.","url":"/GMA/video/open-mike-california-chrome-prepares-belmont-stakes-23971232","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}