Overpass Rock Prank Leaves Woman Critically Injured

Sharon Budd, 52, was injured after two teenage brothers allegedly threw a rock off a highway overpass.
1:39 | 07/16/14

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Transcript for Overpass Rock Prank Leaves Woman Critically Injured
This morning schoolteacher and mother of four is fighting for her life after a freak incident -- a Pennsylvania highway that happen. So fast we didn't even know what -- -- 52 year old Sharon bond from union town Ohio had just sent off with their family and friends on a road trip to New York City when they say they drove under the underpass and suddenly. There's an explosion in the car. And my new daughter was drive and start screaming and she said dad what what -- what's gone on. It turns out a huge rock about eight inches thick had come crashing through the windshield striking Sharon who was in the passenger seat in the head. Investigators say the rock was thrown by a group of teenagers playing a prank from that overpass they know there's brain damage to the extent. They do not -- just before the incident Sharon's son Lucas who is scheduled to leave for a deployment. In Afghanistan with the Ohio National Guard center this -- How much -- she missed me and down. You know are seeing ourselves that that I miss -- too. Now his deployment has been delayed as he and his family sit by Sharon's -- side. Should he squeezed my panic -- -- -- the ghost solution is responding in its. It's it's hopeful. This morning two teenage Brothers have been charged with throwing the rock and police say two others could also face charges soon for Good Morning America Alex -- ABC news Chicago.

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{"id":24581298,"title":"Overpass Rock Prank Leaves Woman Critically Injured","duration":"1:39","description":"Sharon Budd, 52, was injured after two teenage brothers allegedly threw a rock off a highway overpass.","url":"/GMA/video/overpass-rock-prank-leaves-woman-critically-injured-24581298","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}