Couple Faces Life in Prison for Alleged International Kidnapping

Parents who lost custody of their children are accused of abducting, taking them to Cuba.
2:01 | 04/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Couple Faces Life in Prison for Alleged International Kidnapping
We have new developments now in that bizarre custody battle involving a florida couple arrested for kidnapping their two young boys from their grandparents and taking them to cuba. Today they're headed to court to face a judge for the first time and gio benitez is on the story. Reporter: They're secluded from other inmates waiting for their first court appearance where they will face charges of kidnapping and child neglect, their sons, the little boys at the center of what became an international custody battle are now back at home with their grandparents after a five-day, 318-mile trip aboard this boat. "The salty paw" which their parents purchased before heading from tampa to cuba last wednesday. We were conducting searches on land and sea. Reporter: Now police say the crucial tip that led them to this marina came to them from the person who sold them that 25-foot boat. Overnight hk sharyn hakken's boggs said she was a good mother who quit her job to spend more time with her son. She was a very normal, mild-mannered kind of laid-back person dedicated to her kids and family. Reporter: A far cry from the picture investigators paint of hakken and her husband. They're under state custody. He's not supposed to be near them. Reporter: They tied up the boy's grandmother who had legal custody just two hours before faking off with the children. Police say the couple who were both engineers lost custody of their sons in june after they were found in a louisiana hotel room with drugs and guns. Allegedly telling police they were traveling across the country to, quote, take a journey to the armageddon. The couple now faces life in prison and that boat, well, it's still in cuba. Cuban authorities reportedly found guns on board including an assault-style rifle, george.

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{"id":18930994,"title":"Couple Faces Life in Prison for Alleged International Kidnapping","duration":"2:01","description":"Parents who lost custody of their children are accused of abducting, taking them to Cuba.","url":"/GMA/video/parent-kidnapping-suspects-arrested-cuba-couple-faces-life-18930994","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}