Pat Robertson, Kelly Rowland Draw Buzz With Comments

Entertainment Weekly's Jess Cagle discusses headlines that have had people talking.
2:35 | 05/17/13

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Transcript for Pat Robertson, Kelly Rowland Draw Buzz With Comments
Let's welcome back jess cagle. Good morning, everybody. Jess, we got to start with pat robertson. I love that advice to women whose husbands have wandered. Make your home more enticing. It's your fault. He's unhinged. Just crazy. AND IT'S AMAZING HE STILL HAS A nH,÷X Platform. I had to pick my jaw up from the table. Does he realize he's on television? That's what I wonder. Does he know those are on? Does he realize you want women to view your show? I mean, even if you think something as heinous as that, how are you stupid enough to say it out loud? But every time something happens, you know, katrina with some kind of retribution. Haiti is -- they're cursed because of voodoo. Unattractive wife, of course you'd be an alcoholic because you'd be driven to drink. Of course, yeah. That's a little extreme at this point. He's a little extreme. I think we're all in agreement there. I agree. Somebody with the courage to say. Kelly rowland. "Dirty laundry" new song n9Um)jTáHJ)QP&OUSY ABOUT Beyonce. Made me love kelly that she did this. Everybody -- any time you're in a group like that and somebody else breaks out, I think it's very natural for people to feel a little bit bad for you, ask you what it's like and all that. She really confronted it head on. It's a great song. She's really talented and it was very raw and honest. You know, she also talked about AT THEEuP/áát TIME SHE WAS Watching beyonce ascend and FEELINGe Jealousy and all of that she was also in an abusive relationship. They get along now, right? They get along great now. I think on her new album beyonce does a track. How kind she was in the super bowl to remind everybody they started out together. Do you think this could take her to a new level. Wouldn't it be ironic? Absolutely confronting -- being truly honest to your audience always wins. Christina aguilera. Let's see the new photos right here. New or nude. New but she's showing off her new body. There we go. Wow! She looks she does. Yeah, shooting a music video. She's coming back to the -- and going back to "the voice." She looks amazing but she looks healthy. She'curvy. She works hard for that. Show it off. I'm all for it. Also, she sends a good message.

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{"id":19200530,"title":"Pat Robertson, Kelly Rowland Draw Buzz With Comments","duration":"2:35","description":"Entertainment Weekly's Jess Cagle discusses headlines that have had people talking.","url":"/GMA/video/pat-robertson-cheating-kelly-rowland-jealous-comments-draw-19200530","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}