Paul McCartney Performs for Sold-Out Crowd

Lara Spencer reports the latest news in the "GMA" Pop News Heat Index.
3:18 | 07/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Paul McCartney Performs for Sold-Out Crowd
Time for "Pop news." And begin with Paul Mccartney, great news. Back on tour, Saturday night after being sidelined for two months, a viral infection we reported. 72 years young, though, the living legend obviously thrilled to be back on the stage far soldout crowd in Albany, new York. He didn't want to get off the stage with a classic performance. Listen to the Numbers, 38 songs, almost three hours his set was. He must have been loving being back up there, feeling great. His music, spanned 50 years of rock and roll. He did not disappoint. And the last few week was a long and winding road. George, and Dan Harris, so you know -- Thank you very much. I'm here to -- I did know that, I just -- You did? I just felt it was appropriate. Thank you, Dan Harris. We'll talk you after the show. I'm in trouble. He's here all week. Good. Did that on Monday, he's got four dice get you back. You're a strategist, George. Sometimes live in the moment and go for it. I agree, Dan. Remember those words. I'm going to have a sip of water now. I love you, Harris. This is the envy pod. Talk about a quick flip, Ellen DeGeneres, bought a house for $40 million, a few months ago, sold it to napster co-founder parker, for $65 million. A $15 million profit. It's got a name. He approached her late last month with an offer that she simply couldn't refuse. And well, who wouldn't be impressed. Look at the pictures. Six bathrooms with nine bedrooms, views galore and a tennis court to boot. And it is being reported she is downsizing to a $16 million apartment overlooking -- Really? But she's got an eye. She does. She's my decorating sister. And have you dreamed of going to canyon ranch, pampering, losing weight. How about Gus or Steve, your cat, and Otis and C.J. What about them? Although the Morris animal inin New Jersey, K.J. And the friends can start with paw lates, followed by downward dog. In the pool, they have a fitness became called barko-polo. Staffers get the animals moving, and then a facial, I'm not making this up, designed to wipe away organic food crumbs and exercise-induced slobber. It's $249 for five days, with all amenities included. You can't make it up. Can I just say you did a great job with "Pop news"? Doesn't work that way. That quickly, huh? George told me to do that.

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{"id":24449462,"title":"Paul McCartney Performs for Sold-Out Crowd","duration":"3:18","description":"Lara Spencer reports the latest news in the \"GMA\" Pop News Heat Index.","url":"/GMA/video/paul-mccartney-performs-sold-crowd-albany-ny-24449462","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}