Philadelphia Crane Operator Reportedly on Drugs During Demolition

Police investigation focuses on one worker who may have been under the influence.
1:43 | 06/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Philadelphia Crane Operator Reportedly on Drugs During Demolition
Now we're gonna begin with the latest -- Philadelphia building collapsed for the investigation is focusing Hamas with a team of demolition workers members paring down that building when a suddenly gave way. Police sources say the man was on drugs at the time. Authorities are preparing to charge the man who was operating the demolition -- when the building collapsed Wednesday morning. Killing six people and injuring fourteen others sources tell ABC news that 42 year old -- -- shop will face manslaughter charges. He admitted to operating the crane after taking cocaine and other prescription drugs according to those sources. Marijuana was also found in -- -- system after a toxicology exam police sources said. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer. Print shop has been convicted sixteen times of traffic offenses since 2006. Mostly for driving without a license or insurance. And for operating unregistered vehicles. Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter vowed that investigators would find out what caused the four story building to collapse. And fall onto and -- -- Salvation Army thrift shop. I want to first apologize to the victims. And their families. To the survivors. And their families. For what happens. In our great city. On Wednesday -- are also pay tribute to the civilians who rushed to help rescue survivors just minutes after that building collapse -- -- again. -- first responders. And the first responder philadelphians. And citizens. Stepped in -- harm's way Wednesday morning. And city inspectors are now checking every demolition site in Philadelphia for possible. Safety violations.

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{"id":19354547,"title":"Philadelphia Crane Operator Reportedly on Drugs During Demolition","duration":"1:43","description":"Police investigation focuses on one worker who may have been under the influence.","url":"/GMA/video/philadelphia-crane-operator-reportedly-drugs-demolition-19354547","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}