Girl Banned from Football Now Allowed to Play

The archbishop of Philadelphia reversed a decision to keep the Catholic youth league boys only.
1:53 | 03/15/13

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Transcript for Girl Banned from Football Now Allowed to Play
Thanks. The big win for the 11-year-old philadelphia girl who wants to play football with the boys. The archbishop of philadelphia has reversed the decision to keep their catholic youth league boys only after a huge online fight for her. John schriffen has the story. Reporter: This is the moment karl line pla realized she finally scored the big win. Yay! Reporter: The 11-year-old found out she could play football again after the archbishop of philadelphia said she couldn't be anall-boys team. The part I love about football so much is that my friends, they're all like my brothers now and they're all my te teammates and we just have such a great time on that team i can't imaginnot being on the team anymore. Get him. Reporter: For the past two seasons she played in the catholic youth organization football team where you can see the sixth grader had no problem fitting in. When sidelined by a technicality pla tightened her chin strap and pushed to get back out will. I don't want to be treated like I'm not one of them but how they would treat a boy. Reporter: She gained national attention appearing on "ellen" even starting a petition on change.Org that got more than 100,000 signatures. Go. Reporter: Then thursday the league reversed its decision saying "the archdiocese will allow for co-ed participation in cyo football effective in the 2013 season." To people who supported me i want to say thank you because every single signature on that petition, every single person that said I support caroline really helped. Reporter: And she has this message for other young girls. You should be able to play and now you can so you should play if you want to. Reporter: For "good morning america," john schriffen, abc news, new york. Good luck to caroline. That's great.

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{"id":18736532,"title":"Girl Banned from Football Now Allowed to Play","duration":"1:53","description":"The archbishop of Philadelphia reversed a decision to keep the Catholic youth league boys only.","url":"/GMA/video/philadelphia-girl-11-allowed-play-football-archbishop-philadelphia-18736532","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}