Renoir Bought for $7 at Flea Market Stolen in '50s

A Renoir painting purchased at a Virginia flea market was apparently stolen from a Baltimore museum.
2:33 | 04/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Renoir Bought for $7 at Flea Market Stolen in '50s
Let's go to lara. An amazing update on a flea market find. One you cannot make up. We were so excited to report this story. Who really owned masterpiece? Last september, a woman paid $7 at a flea market for painting that turned out the be, oh, well, a renoir. A court battle is heating up. It was heralded as a truly one-of-a-kind flea market find. A woman beat me to the holy grail. You never know what you'll find at flea market. She may well have hit the jackpot. Reporter: When a woman discovered the nap-kind sized painting was done by renoir. According to the just released court document, the mystery woman is marcia fuqua. Her discovery of this painting may have cost her $7. It was expected to fetch as much as $100,000 on the open market. Before auction nears received calls from the baltimore museum. It was stolen off their walls as a loaned painting in the 1950s. We agreed we needed to contact the fbi. Reporter: They seized the painting until a judge can decide whether fuqua or the baltimore museum is the rightful owner. It was sold in paris in the 1920s. Lent to the museum in the late '30s, DISAPPEARS IN A HEIST. Unlike real estate or a car, a artwork doesn't come with a title. Reporter: In a letter to the fbi, fuqua says she has no expertise at identifying the work. Contrary to what she says in the letter, she grew up immersed in fine art. Her mother, an artist and art teacher. Who duplicated the work. The man said his mother had the painting for years and his sister took it out of the studio. Later, he said he didn't know all the facts. To be continued. Note one. Thank you, lara. Now to the added drama surrounding tonight's big championship final.

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{"id":18904747,"title":"Renoir Bought for $7 at Flea Market Stolen in '50s","duration":"2:33","description":"A Renoir painting purchased at a Virginia flea market was apparently stolen from a Baltimore museum.","url":"/GMA/video/renoir-bought-flea-market-stolen-50s-18904747","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}