Roommates Accused of Plotting Police Killings

Two people were arrested for ties to domestic terrorist groups, potential plot to target officers.
2:51 | 08/24/13

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Transcript for Roommates Accused of Plotting Police Killings
Now, to the overnight jailhouse interview, of two roommates who were platting to kill police officers. Both of these people are loudly defending themselves. And this is the latest example of criminal charges involving so-called sovereign citizens. An anti-government movement classified by the fbi as domestic terrorists. And gio benitez is here with the story. Reporter: Good morning, dan. Investigators say they were watching the two for four months. The alleged plot discovered in an undercover sting. Now, from jail and court, the two share their skepticism for government and police. Overnight, convicted felon are speaking out. The government uses the police to violate the rights of the people. Reporter:67-year-old neumann says, she's no terrorist. Yeah, right. I have not harmed anyone. I have no intention of harming anyone. Reporter: She denies the allegation that the pair plotted to kidnap and kill officers at traffic stops. Plans prosecutors say included shackling officers with chins, dragging them to a makeshift jail, where the pair allegedly intended to try their captives for treason. I want people to wake up. I want them to reize that our freedoms are being eroded. Reporter:42-year-old brutsche, identified in documents as a 6'2", felon, says he's not a violent man. But had this message. People need to keep the police accountable for their actions. Reporter: Investigators say the two identify with the sovereign citizens movement, an anti-government ideology that, at its extreme, the fbi has linked to domestic terrorism. No, I'm not a domestic terrorist. I believe that we have the right to defend ourselves against tyranny. Sovereign citizens are a movement that believes that the u.S. Laws, rules, regulations, taxation, are illegitimate. Reporter: At a friday morning hearing, the pair challenged the court's authority. Clearly frustrating the judge. I object. I have hurt no one. Sir, one more word and it's contempt. I object to the entire proceedings of this court, for the record. Reporter: And neither person has entered a plea. Bruscthe is being held on $600 bail. The two became friends after wanting to film officers acting, quote, unconstitutionally. Unusual friendship. And interesting to see the way they're handling the man in court. They must worry he's potentially violent. A lot of news overnight. For that, we turn to rebecca jarvis, in for ron claiborne.

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{"id":20055758,"title":"Roommates Accused of Plotting Police Killings","duration":"2:51","description":"Two people were arrested for ties to domestic terrorist groups, potential plot to target officers.","url":"/GMA/video/roommates-accused-plotting-police-killings-20055758","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}