Sam Champion, Josh Elliott's L.A. 'Bromance' Outtakes

See some funny moments from Sam and Josh's day in Los Angeles.
4:38 | 02/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sam Champion, Josh Elliott's L.A. 'Bromance' Outtakes
With great day and I know you know we were even joking about it like so Hoffman. These can be the most predictable piece like cool let's go see the -- -- -- -- they're -- Chinese hey that. And I I really did I said you know don't I want to do was. This is written -- like -- politically incorrect. -- He shot -- did the peace and first of all phenomenal job thank you thank you somehow think -- I was surprised I was surprised. We'll look rich took great care -- like I wanted to show -- it would -- you or LA and the big knock on LA is that it's there's not really -- city there really LA is a bunch of little towns if you just kinda you know where you are. I grew up in a tiny little suburb right next LEX one of the first housing developments post World War II. And rich I can't thank you enough I just Margaret you don't know how to put yourself out there in that way you just did a wonderful. Those funds -- CIA the sands producer -- tonight. Had just such a great time moves like you know it was just fun for like five hours apart and then there was just as beautiful and -- there's two things that I wanna show effect. There's too little video clips of -- are -- just a sliver of what it's like being around you guys is. For several hours it's just a couple of takes that I don't know all the ballot we -- about -- and -- I think obviously we're here for the Oscars but since we have a snazzy red sports. All right I want to say where I'm from. That number twelve a that you get and are gonna get this over the thing I -- my taping over it -- This workshop is are you. Lacey and pure PR. -- Los Angeles. -- and movie stock. -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay. -- -- -- -- Have you met international film and television stars and -- and star in such television shows as vigorous give and Good Morning America the tip of the -- back below. This is international film and television stars Sam Champion of the typical political Sam Champion come -- come up here don't look now you know -- cars coming -- live -- card look. There may be totally recognize him. Look at sand. -- -- got high value on them fill and I. Yeah I go anywhere we hear you are jealous they do anyway -- and international film and television stars and candidate that the people travel for their saint champion of the but. I was watching the tape after after the -- And I literally heard you say that maybe like six times it looked like I didn't get -- -- to the dollar is -- -- until the second the second thing is. Viewers need to know there's this is behind the scenes show. Something that didn't make it in the on the beach I want to get him in this new aids bicycle and make him look. A little bit foolish yeah abolished admittedly and they weren't -- at all and I said finally just do it c'mon. Call -- call of the streets writers and venereal civil affairs. This is not a good idea. This is. Not a good idea -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know. -- it was never. Excuse me what -- let them. -- -- -- -- Turn it this it's scary. I think I'm feeling pretty good standing. Good humor but I'm not sir Edmund pat I'm not sure that I really want. All you people. But -- good at bats and they. -- -- And they were fantastic industries Strider it actually was a lot of actually fun in the end -- I think the problem was is that -- actually got to hang of it so he did not look. Boo -- addition actually make the peace but yet -- didn't work out we might as. I'm gonna happen. -- you took Molly. -- and I went we we went on Iran's help to do -- interview Nicole -- yes and we went for right on the street strategy and that's LA -- -- and Nicole Kidman.

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{"id":18618978,"title":"Sam Champion, Josh Elliott's L.A. 'Bromance' Outtakes","duration":"4:38","description":"See some funny moments from Sam and Josh's day in Los Angeles.","url":"/GMA/video/sam-champion-josh-elliotts-la-bromance-outtakes-18618978","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}