Behind the scenes at the Special Olympics with snowboarder Jeremy Beckham

ABC News' Robin Roberts reports live from the Special Olympics World Winter Games in Schladming, Austria.
5:53 | 03/17/17

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Transcript for Behind the scenes at the Special Olympics with snowboarder Jeremy Beckham
game2700 athtes fro and E world are coming stand rin I tin U behi tces ahead O tomorrow's officiapeng ceremony. Robin'backdrop I beautiful and Y're beaut aswmll6 how ar iouhadoing O er ow. Hi, Michl. Hois everyone doing back there. Got to tellyou, it editiojhe wte game F speciat olympics a th motere inustria is ve fig6it's heartat F the world D when you're here you G th sense. Here's a lk. Athlround the W hbve arrived fhe 17 special olympics world winter games. Enjoying the richusia 1avor ctu pre!ng to kic O mnevent. Reor special olympics usa includina?? tayl Rrent?? TSA mea much tome I want be ae to dy whole Reporter: And snowboarders LI jemybeham aaa ( shil. 'M not the selines anyme. At M more to me thbn anything. Reporter: I met uwith many is of these athletes this morning just mopes be the ??% qualicbtnru'. Hoexdre you be here inaustria,uh? Very excited. [ Cheers [ rs what iouim the fa hemovntas6 They're some. Eo of special olympics Tim shr to mesthle F ring anmportant Leon. Leteser are not coming for sympathy or pity. They'reoming with a ssage,th'vot thee of inclusion. They'ze G the heart of welcome. They've got what the world is okinfor6 ought taygttention (Z wanach, need give. We havso muc in common. The human spirit is so ope and loving if you let I T. Ou remjnez myo much. She id you -. THAs AIG complint. We haveore in cmon than not sohyot focus o0b m]larities. E ha tstart wi we'tave touild aorld of walls but idges. It's possible. Supporters include Jason mora who joined the united toboard team to showhat they can do when they up The mission I ueash T spithrou thfh transformave powerbfd spots so events like this allow us to challenge backnd shoha love caeallya??$hp do And one ose great athletes with me right now Jeremy Beckham. He is a snowardeasouan$ hailfr thereat S of shgton I Hor mes.)[w, you'vnlyn D snowjoarng couple of years here and you'rf already at the world games. Ah, like it' a$oe lplnd snowboard for THR )[ years, amazing jus snwwboard for three years. Guess I'm good enough to go to the w??ld gas,gues Y ow2you'r T good. Ah0 is so You playasketbalnd oer '!orts too. Ilay baetll. Molyy wholeifen special olympics, like last year I was doing bbsketll and wwboarding a jus not the. Justsnowarding I' mostly byh myself. Your est. We giving m0 ter beuui df - T way? His I theorrect way F most people. All right. Hiu she rulit a goofy sjde ihe right foot so some people -- to me I'm a regular and goofy I se pewpl ke my sistes ofh she's rare. I won't tell your sister you call hofy. I D play the gpipes. Looks like it would be kind of Har like snowboding The bag Ms idiffieult. U O[, just lot wf breathing andnoheotes and the songs and snowboarding is Nott difcult ahe bagpyoow. Bu gpipes is Reay fun and I got into bagpipes because my m,ecause she jusnso the bag songshat G a the time, all the time. It looks fun and it loo cool and, yeah. St dit Y nai tt asou did svowarding and final es to you,jeremy. What do yay toolks who are, you know,heyace evllens a4bat$s yrdvice a always trying yourest andever giving ? Yeah just lik you said, Ju doour best, don't let avyo tl youo say you't do ityou Cano athing youwant. Yo can be, heck, you can be the president of the United States if youant to. Yo know,ightefittut Yo CAA know. You 'T letnyono turn you down. Just do what you want todo. Yeah. If you want te Whatevet is,ah. Evenf you herfe world games afrnly a couple of yes the O thesnowbod in yfah, Ju yad happen. Ieten. 0 You family gng T joinywu. M Mo my sister and my stepdad will bere. I K tyighte" like may today D mad and his girlfriend is to be here today too. Well, I know they'reroud of Yo we are andustopy for$4 you. Can't belie it. Can'telveit. I uas more like a Ster. I was goof fting and that' why I was hg a mite difficulty O the slopes. We won show any O at, guys. Back to you. Good for you fortr rwn.)[ Whare D. E' all aittlegoofy. Looking forward -- that S a greatinteielookinorward tw Mr. Veckham competing the snboard. Ov hisattude6 eryby, right)[ there. How long can yse sunscreen

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{"id":46189130,"title":"Behind the scenes at the Special Olympics with snowboarder Jeremy Beckham","duration":"5:53","description":"ABC News' Robin Roberts reports live from the Special Olympics World Winter Games in Schladming, Austria. ","url":"/GMA/video/scenes-special-olympics-snowboarder-jeremy-beckham-46189130","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}