Teens Using Glamorous Photo Shoots for Yearbook

Class photos get an upgrade with some students going to great lengths for the perfect picture.
2:39 | 06/10/13

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Transcript for Teens Using Glamorous Photo Shoots for Yearbook
high school yearbooks, a story we first saw in "the wall street journal." Portraits make high school seniors look like they have stepped off the pages of a glossy magazine and abc's amy robach has a look at this flashy and costly approach to yearbook photos. ♪ Reporter: Remember the days when your senior portraits looked like this? Yes, the ones you hoped your parents won't drag out at family reunions. Now the age old tradition has evolved into elaborate highly personalized upscale photo shoots. I want you to look down at the ground and big smile. Gorgeous. Reporter: Resulting in picture perfect images that could belong in glossy magazines. We really try hard to make them feel like they are america's next top model. We doll them up. They get cute clothes. They look cute and sassy. Turn your heads toward me. Reporter: Brittany specializes in this modernized take on senior photograph 23i. A booming market that's been kicked up more than just a notch. I wanted to create a great experience for these girls. I wanted this to be something really memorable for their senior year. Reporter: When lauren garcia heard of this phenomenon -- very popular to do this. Reporter: She knew it was what she wanted. It's going to capture who i am as a senior and who I've become over these last four years. Reporter: And these teens get the star treatment, the glammed up process includes two hours of hair and makeup. Before it's action time. Even though in school-shoots have revolutionized their take on senior portraits. I remember the blue background and I think maybe my chin on my hand. How have they changed? They've come a long way. You don't have the typical just sit, smile and then have a nice day. Given a chance to express themselves personally. Reporter: Prestige portraits do these around the country, encourage outfit changes and props from skateboards to guitars, even motorcycles. I think I burned my senior pictures, in the closet somewhere. That's not where yours are going. Mine will be out forever and really represent me. My passion is soccer. I took some action shots and they were really fun. Reporter: It's not just the girls. I heard you worked it. Yes, apparently. Reporter: But these pictures may not be for everyone. Some seniors shell up up to $2,000. That bills their confidence. They feel like they are on top of the world. I don't think you with put a price on making somebody feel good about themselves. For "good morning america," "good morning america," abc news, new york.

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{"id":19364150,"title":"Teens Using Glamorous Photo Shoots for Yearbook","duration":"2:39","description":"Class photos get an upgrade with some students going to great lengths for the perfect picture.","url":"/GMA/video/senior-class-photos-2013-teens-glamorous-photo-shoots-19364150","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}