Rogen on Directing Friends Franco and Hill in Apocalyptic Comedy

New film centers on famous actors' gathering in L.A. before the city is destroyed.
3:35 | 06/11/13

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Transcript for Rogen on Directing Friends Franco and Hill in Apocalyptic Comedy
Oh, josh? Oh, sam. "This is the end" is a funny comedy. They're not lying. The premise, six famous actors go to a party at james franco's house. Get stranded after a mysterious disaster. Makes l.A. Go up in flames. Lots to get to. Let's take a look. Let's go back to your place. What are you talking about? No way. I'm not leaving here. I don't want to die at james franco's house. We need to stay here until they start rescuing people. A huge earthquake happened. Who do they rescue first? Clooney, sandra bullock, me. If there's room, you will come. We're all going to get out of this first. Seth rogen, co-director, co-producer, co-writer. Is it as easy as you and james franco and your co-writer, evan goldberg are sitting around, let's make a movie about ourselves. I wish it was that easy. I'm going to give you millions and millions of dollars to make a movie. When a movie has an original concept, like I hope this one has, it's sometimes harder to get the money than if it has an unoriginal concept. This movie it wasn't easy to get it going. Once we started making it, it seemed like it would be really funny. And the studio was very pleased with it. We see jonah -- you're playing outside versions of -- ridiculous, warped versions of ourselves. You didn't want it to be an inside joke. What is it like to playing yourself, and taking away the subtleties and nuance. Exactly. We knew the danger we had was to make it inside and feel insulated and self-indulgent. And we wanted it to be entertaining for people. So, we took the stuff that you know about us, our careers, people know franco's into art. And he has ambiguous sexual preferences. That's the stuff we go after. And we hit kind of the common knowledge stuff. And the ability to tweak your images, your public images and indulge that part. Exactly. We play the dumbest, worst versions of ourselves, basically, which is really easy to do. I know, I was reading a great article about the movie and the comedy issue of "gq." And there was a part of it, you have your soft spot. All been in movies that didn't do as well as you hoped. Very much so. And you knew going in that that was a big bull's eye for all those things. It was. People would get you, with the zinger. A "green hornet" joke that hurt. "Guilt trip" did not come out yet when we made the movie. That was not on the table. When someone got you, you would get them back pretty good, which was nice. I think some people got their feelings hurt a little bit every now and then. We saw great cameos. Emma watson, rihanna. Bad michael cera. He is remarkable in this movie. He plays as far from actual michael cera as you can be. There's a lot of drugs in the movie. And it's sexually inappropriate in a lot of ways. And rihanna smashed the crap out of him. Quickly, was it fun to do? It's great to boss your friends around. They have to listen to you. You can have them humiliate themselves. And they can't say no. It's their job to listen to you. Seth, thank you. "This is the end. It opens nationwide tomorrow. Coming up, denise richards,

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{"id":19372817,"title":"Rogen on Directing Friends Franco and Hill in Apocalyptic Comedy","duration":"3:35","description":"New film centers on famous actors' gathering in L.A. before the city is destroyed.","url":"/GMA/video/seth-rogan-end-interview-2013-actor-directing-james-19372817","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}