3 Skiers Rescued After Avalanche in Utah

Ski conditions across many areas of the West are dangerous and potentially deadly.
3:00 | 12/24/13

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Transcript for 3 Skiers Rescued After Avalanche in Utah
We turn, now, to a big scare on the slopes in utah, full of holiday skiers. Three of them nearly buried alive in an avalanche. Clayton sandell is at lookout mountain, colorado, with information on how to survive an avalanche. Clayton? Reporter: Good morning, lara. This morning, thousands of people are getting ready to hit the slopes this holiday. But finding conditions across the west dangerous and potentially deadly. This morning, three utah skiers are alive. Search teams digging them out monday, at utah ulta ski resort, after they triggered an avalanche. The state's 11th in 4 days. No one was hurt. We know the risks up here. Reporter: Slides can trigger without warning. Watch what happens to edwin, skiing sunday in the back country near vail, colorado. His brother, davis, recording this dramatic video. That's edwin right there. Reporter: Davis speeds to the rescue. His brother, buried alive. Breathe. Dig me out. I was really panicky because there was basically like being buried neck-deep in cement or sand. And I couldn't move anything. Reporter: Experts say if you are caught, a swimming motion can help you get to the top or the side, out of the fast-moving snow. But if buried, try to create an air pocket to breathe. And always carry an avalanche beacon so rescuers can find you. But even experienced skiers and snowboarders are sometimes no match for the power of an avalanche. In april, five people were killed in colorado when this slope came railroading downhill at 60 miles per hour. At thatd of speed, that kind of power, you don't have much time. You literally have seconds to try and get out of the way. Reporter: It may seem like more snow equals more avalanches. But experts tell us, more snow can actually cement and stabilize knethese layers. But for the next couple weeks, conditions could be treacherous. Avalanche beacon in your pack, if you're going skiing. A new study with surprising

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{"id":21321407,"title":"3 Skiers Rescued After Avalanche in Utah","duration":"3:00","description":"Ski conditions across many areas of the West are dangerous and potentially deadly.","url":"/GMA/video/skiers-rescued-avalanche-utah-21321407","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}