Will Smith May Play Forensic Neuropathologist in NFL Concussion Movie

"Variety" reports that the Hollywood heavyweight might take on role.
3:44 | 06/04/14

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Transcript for Will Smith May Play Forensic Neuropathologist in NFL Concussion Movie
Now, to "The heat index." First up, will smith reportedly in talks to tackle the NFL's concussion problem. A hot-button issue right now. Even president Obama is raising the topic. He did at a youth event last week. "Variety" reporting that smith will play the forensic pathologist who brought cte to awareness of the public. Cte has been found in athletes with a history of brain trauma. The untitled project is one of a number of Hollywood projects rov revolving around concerns of concussions in the NFL. If the NFL thinks this is going away, it is not. We're getting the message out. A discussion. It is really having an impact. Not going away. One of the things we said the headlines of the time, one of the most popular stories on "The times" website we're Reading this morning. You can't concentrate during the day. You're on Twitter. Exhibit "A" Lara Spencer. This op-ed talks about following in the footsteps of children because you know, they get interested in something. And they concentrate on it. And they bring it to a group of their friends. What basically the psychologist is arguing, they argue when we all should, when we get distracted, allow ourselves to go there, enjoy it and bring it back to the group. That's when kids aren't doing this. This is what I see all the time. They can focus on that. We have to say no screens. They do live in the moment. Children live in the moment. And I always marvel at that. And I agree, we can learn from them. We take their devices away. Exactly. And yours, too, Amy. I'm speaking from personal experience. Next up, researchers capturing what they believe is the first photographic evidence that babies in the womb can feel their mother's stress. A great thing to worry about when you're pregnant. Using scanners they created these images when the mother felt stressed, the baby tried to soothe itself by touching its head. Let's bring in senior medical contributor, Dr. Jennifer Ashton. That's my reaction. When you're pregnant, you're worried about doing everything right. If I'm stressed, the baby's stressed. I heard that before. But is it true? Listen, this is opening a Pandora's box. First of all, very small study. They did questionnaires for women in the second half of their pregnancy. And then did 4d and 3D sonograms and tracked fetal movements. They made observations. They made some associations for women who were stressed and fetal movements. Do we know one causes the other at this point? No. The babies were sucking their thumbs. What does that mean? This is the interesting thing. I've done thousands and thousands of fetal sonograms. We actually look for flexion in the fetal arm and hand as a sign of fetal well-being. That's not a negative. We don't want a limp fetus because that can tell us it's not getting oxygen. We need a lot more research before we can say that this, in a fetus, is a bad thing. For an adult, if I go like this, maybe I'm stressed. But for a fetus, you can't say that. The takeaway, if any, is don't you think it's great advice to just, namaste, when you're pregnant. But what pregnant woman is not a little stressed at some point? We all are, for sure. I say take the pressure off the pregnant woman, not give her more things to worry about. Amen. Keep saying amen today. Amen. Thank you. Is that your daughter over there? Yes, she is. I was stressed in my pregnancy. See how Normal. And a heck of a hockey player, too. She's over there. Also on "The heat index" this morning, how one woman

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{"id":23987890,"title":"Will Smith May Play Forensic Neuropathologist in NFL Concussion Movie","duration":"3:44","description":"\"Variety\" reports that the Hollywood heavyweight might take on role.","url":"/GMA/video/smith-play-forensic-neuropathologist-nfl-concussion-movie-23987890","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}