Spain Train Disaster Is Worst in 40 Years

Seventy-seven people were killed and 140 were injured when a train derailed and burst into flames.
1:11 | 07/25/13

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Transcript for Spain Train Disaster Is Worst in 40 Years
now, to the breaking news, the death toll rising in that massive train disaster in spain. Abc's lama hasan joins us now with the very latest. Good morning, lama. Reporter: Good morning, josh. This morning, rescuers, forensics and police officers are at the site searching for survivors, hours after spain's worst train disaster in 40 years. Killing 77 people and injuring 140. Witnesses describe the train cars flipping and bursting into flames after coming off the track. One car ripped apart by the force of crash. Its end pushed up into the air. The train was traveling from the capital city of madrid and derailed in northwest spain, a tourist destination that was preparing to celebrate a popular summer festival. Attracting christians from all over the world. The festivities have been canceled. Reports this morning say the eight-carriage train carrying 218 passengers was traveling nearly three-times its speed limit on a sharp curve because it was behind schedule. The rail company says the train didn't have any problems. And an investigation is under way. Robin? So many questions. Lama, thank you so much. We'll keep everybody up to date on that.

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{"id":19767994,"title":"Spain Train Disaster Is Worst in 40 Years","duration":"1:11","description":"Seventy-seven people were killed and 140 were injured when a train derailed and burst into flames.","url":"/GMA/video/spain-train-derailment-aftermath-video-disaster-worst-40-19767994","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}