Have You Spotted the One Woman Who Has Been in Every Ron Howard Movie?

Howard appears on "Popcorn with Peter Travers" and talks about her and his new big screen flick "In the Heart of the Sea."
16:41 | 12/02/15

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Transcript for Have You Spotted the One Woman Who Has Been in Every Ron Howard Movie?
Dennis you know whether that. New line fullback. Mike. That we agree. It's mind. If hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what is happening at the movies. And there's a movie now called. In the heart of the C directed by Ron Howard. And you look at it you think well this is Moby Dick again and I wanna say no but yes partly it is because it's about whalers in Nantucket. Early eighteen hundreds and Moby Dick was kind of inspired by it but why should I talk when I have Ron Howard right here and say thank goodness the great to see. So you know I noticed with all the movies that you you know and let you're doing sequels or you're doing to Vinci code and you're following up on me. You don't repeat. Stuff much I love. The adventure of tackling different kinds of subjects and I am also lives they mean I'm out there. You yearning for movies that don't look like anything else that sound like anything else until as a storyteller. You know that that's what attracts me and you know. I was so fascinated when I read this script and so surprised. Because I first black thought well this is a clever way to remake. Moby Dick and then I realized no this was this was the Genesis story is the origin story. And that the the real advance are so. Surprisingly relevant. Today. That suddenly there's this combination is yes as a kind of mythic story there's there's there's an inspiring. Heroic dramatic survival story and yet there's also fanatic elements which. Again I just found really fascinating and inform and compelling. Well I mean but did you always have this thing this I mean this is not up FROST/NIXON. No you can a couple of people and I don't know you've got to be out the vote this. On every level from that. From that that technical challenges the physical challenges. B. The dramatic challenges of the actors and the sort of that combination of the density. Of that feed you know it's a simple story. But I. I think mater audiences have gotten smarter and smarter and actually want kind of complexity. In and that. In his hands that I think it's the most challenging movie that I directed. Media ever. So other than the chance for torture actors which he did. Hope. Wasn't really out there and seeing that you were building in a tank somewhere. But you're shooting water cannons at them at all people activists alike you I idea and it. We everything that was anything it was too dangerous to do in the water because of stunts and because of physical effects and things like that. We did that. And includes a storms. And when the whale attacks and things like that. And yes we had these big water cannons these dump tanks. That would. Splashed down gallons of water and had no heating volumes of water was now like November and London. And we would do Litton and you know on iPad gets sprayed a little bit off to the side I realize that the cold later I did the ice bucket challenge and I realize all of my guy I was doing this to these guys like six times in nine. Aren't trying to our courts are. You know one out of here. This is with such a unique opportunity. In such agree. Young. Ambitious cast led by Christians. Killing Murphy and Ian walker and Tom Holland it's a really interesting group. Actors. And V. They still wanted to get this right we wanted to get the facts right they wired to. Inhabit these characters were playing real man who would face this crisis. In endured. But the sacrifice I mean they're all their comfort and dedicated themselves they were out in the real ocean getting sunburned or they were on the stage getting icy dumb things on it didn't matter. They were also turning on. And giving me these theories powerful emotional performances because it's also you know here to well. In the constructing of this will what did you happy do you have some CGI need to build some kind of them it was a 100% TGI. And we explored every possibility we were prepared to use every. They're cutting edge tool. But. We in. Do the wizards a double negative and dirty Johnson visual effects Hoover riser. You know the more the renderings keen Ian the more we realized that it was going to work and we need. To create you know a giant puppet the way John Hughes did mean it won't be gay horrors you can overdo it when John. That you're using the same technology haven't like pie warn the plan means we we could. Do that thing they're known have been able to do it before which is to serve not asked the audience to suspend its. But in fact allowed to believe totally. And we then had marine mammal scientists. Come in and that with us every behaviors that we were design. And make sure that we were inventing a movie monster we were instead. Demonstrating for audiences the power. Of this creature and give the audience behaviors that were often. But still incredibly intense and now I gotta ask is that sometimes pop up. Human yeah you can Hitchcock nine. It did it once in awhile we'll show what I I'm not in this and you're not on and I have stated in the long time and I'm not I asked my wife Sheryl shows. And she's she's warm she's fair agreement in the distance a little hard to find in this one you know why she's among among the. The women bidding farewell is that usually goes away. Each and every one she's been in everything since my super eight days we started in 1970. And the first what you twelve. Sixty. But. I made a movie. And it was called deed of daring do it was kind of. Twilight Zone ish kind of tricky little film about about my brother Clint dreaming that he's in a gun fight. My dad played the bad guy that he was facing off with and I needed AM saloon girl. And so I've been dating Sheryl long enough you know couple months ask if you play the saloon girl she did and gave them a wink. And. I came in second in the Kodak teenage filmmaking contest that little thing who was then once Spielberg I. Something it was far more ambitious. Than mine I can't believe that but I mean look at that. With your marriage you brought that up childhood sweethearts now it's like forty year. Yeah thanks in what's your secret that it's it's her it's all rest it's all hard. It's. You know it's luck here's a look Alan lock because there's a kind of evolving compatibility you know and things can go off in different directions but they have a with us and she too loves. The going in being a part of it she's also a writer she's very hopeful she's kind of creative secret weapon so we have these. Great conversations sometimes are arguments about stories in what can happen what can occur within mean audiences. And it's a great marriage are very liked it and you had these four children program. Now we did in their own your daughter Bryce Dallas Howard on recently believed it for drastic well she gave us the real image of growing up she would today. Why can't I be and starring in one if you that he would say to her. You do I need somebody that will listen to. That got out and they. Yet the kids you know so the kids thought about wanting to be unit and and I always felt like that he had and they needed to be you you know an adult decision. Not simply because they were around it and it and it looked interesting but Bryce always had a fascination she was an intern. On. On on Apollo thirteen I remember infect the other intern was Colin Hanks really two of them were Brady. It would get its coffee intake and left sorters and they were there at 6 o'clock in the morning in a very they're very committed and beautiful. But she always was very drawn to it and and she's beginning to direct now and and and you know she's always said. That while you know having my my oldest daughter. Attack the business the way she did. It's always a little frightening has it that it's a hard business for anyone it's it's exponentially difficult for women let's just be honest about that is just more challenging in a lot of way. Which he has always pursued it for the right reasons she loves it. She loves the people in it she loves it creative challenges. She cares about the audiences. And she's already directing insert dabbling in exploring hearing Aaron someday I an emotional that you want to make features as well. But Ron in terms of your career and what's happened you know. Anytime anybody who wins lake you won an Academy Award for a beautiful mind and that's it kind of wonderful speech that you know I mean it started. Basically by instead of pretending this wasn't on your mind you said it was something I grew up which he. Yeah what would happen. It was you know. It's a great tradition. And it means so much it meant a lot to me in I'd love to experience that again of course but I've also always believed. That you can't really make competition these things they're creative undertakings. However. It just stirs up so much discussion and so much thought and it it it in the marketplace it creates an opportunity for movies that aren't so obviously. An easy to advertise. And now so it's you know it's a tradition that you and thrilled who. Have been a part. My name in the record books. I think with a little bit of a grain of salt but black I'm but I also really appreciate what what it does for the need. Well I I also like you once it it's Mel Gibson have presented to you had no idea. That he could've just that he say something. Before him like may be is that eighties he said a few days before. You that rewards for beautiful mind he said that I'm on doing the director award to give you know ordered. And how do you know he said all I know. He's that it Rich Franklin Zion kinds that little tiny the undercurrent of madness that that Mel now has. And and so when it happened. I did make him show me the card of my name on it to Krista absolute terror. You know he's he would do just about anything he damn pleases he could definitely could have done in a bookie Smart tootsie the caller yeah. I think she won best picture do seem silly may be. Though making sense it that's legitimately well yeah yeah and so you're not. Ever tempted to go back to act. You know accuser ground it is something them kind of interest in doing and I did a little. Unionist era last set of episodes of Arrested Development but it was you know I was playing myself and a wink wink there. And I found myself a little rusty are all my team to a Jason Bateman. Which was great in by the. By the third day. A point cameos. I actually begin to recall. This sort of the rhythm and the comfort level that you need to. Yet you arrive that as an actor to be news into the original dealing. I it would take a little practice to get I mean if you're opening with and the group do you go from that to retreat mining monitors that just like a bicycle. Eight. I know it's different you can't be that kid handing. Now I would I don't know what people would cast me every once in awhile somebody you know offers me something in him and I'm always flattered. And and I am I've just been so busy with the directing and also you know the partnership and Brian Grazer and imagine which is also involved in. You know and so much to used to mean reproductions and other things documentaries that we're beginning to to do more more. And so you know I I'm I love this I love being a director. And to not stealing you don't want to steal any jobs from your actors and I don't really want me you'll line. May be. I loved I would like to you know that is okay to get at the right time I would like to and would be a great opportunity to work on somebody else's because I remember you're an American graffiti and remember you actually doing that. Dance with Cindy Alia who spoke it's in your. A kind of thing that that was kind of the beginning. I enjoy me you know look I like acting and again American graffiti. And that was an extraordinary experience because. The film making. Approach was so different. From from anything that I've I've ever been around. In traditional Hollywood and what George was doing was creating a workable. He's. Had been so meticulous sounding every single car the songs ever going to be used clothing that was going to be warned. We were shooting it was in fact very documentary style very naturalistic. But he'd already created this world for us to inhabit. That was so rich and so new wants and so interest. That none of us had any idea howl and packed full. That that movie that we created another world Sydney with Star Wars in these advertising. And don't happen to and in you know that George is a tremendous panel lateral thinkers and you. You east served he respects. That the classic framework of the story that he's working on. In any sort of says. But what else and let's look at technology and what can we do now that the filmmakers couldn't do before when tackling this kind of story. And that's when he begins to move outside the box in and bring it all back to its its sort of classic whether it's American graffiti or Star Wars which to him was like. A Flash Gordon. Yet or raiders lost ark which also conceived. He finds. You know sort of the modern cinematic waiter to green line. You could be in Luke Scott Walker and these two eating and asked me if I did yes we estimate where like you wouldn't affect that aren't they show always ends in song. I well yes because you haven't really done a full scale music that you were in the Newington and hand she. You use patents I'm going to wreck you know I think that's coming up well you know I've always had a little fascination with the possibility. Well here you're pushing about. I hear I want but but can you give me a little something could be anything that's in your head it could be an I have I mean I do that captain. I loved Gary Indiana. And yeah. We yeah. Scary and the and it varying. Varying B I'll let me say it once again. Yeah I Adler tax instead Gary Indiana area Indian Darian that we'll place a new me win. Of I go to musicals republic result ridiculous way out of its. Going through the musical version of and rod thank you know it's you know. Likewise.

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{"id":35533419,"title":"Have You Spotted the One Woman Who Has Been in Every Ron Howard Movie?","duration":"16:41","description":"Howard appears on \"Popcorn with Peter Travers\" and talks about her and his new big screen flick \"In the Heart of the Sea.\" ","url":"/GMA/video/spotted-woman-ron-howard-movie-35533419","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}