Supernanny Says There's a 'Silent Epidemic' Afflicting Families

Parents shouldn't be afraid to discipline their child.
3:00 | 03/04/14

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Transcript for Supernanny Says There's a 'Silent Epidemic' Afflicting Families
Hello I'm juju Chang and this is news makers for ABC news and Yahoo! News. You know about as Superman the woman who could magically transform the wailing child it was civilized member of the family. We'll Jo Frost is the real super nanny and she is out with another book called -- frosts toddler rules. You say when the most important is discipline our parents push -- are they afraid to discipline some parents are afraid to discipline why. For many reasons some parents at Tokyo today that they -- and that it's -- have to disarm -- amount of time in which they hats. So they say yes on the time yes the food coupon patriots neither to say -- connect everything. I'm afraid I'm guilty as charged on the -- on occasion. -- it's been on occasion on occasion but when you constantly doing that because what -- pacifying. Ultimately. Is not finding peace. In justifying that -- many families today have to look at what many jobs and hold down many Alice. Full of the bad at Pappas -- be enough to put bread -- box on the table. The provider if you also talk about the fact that parents often -- their kids on the net punish you and then they don't follow through and that that can actually be worse in the long accidentally because -- -- ten days mixed messages. -- at the threat to do something can actually not falling through and to me that's on effective communication. Angle so -- it's not really affect different counts productive when it comes to discipline I don't think parents should fail. Parents really shouldn't fill afraid to discipline its -- of being a responsible parent -- accepting. I've spent so many -- mean many. A family who have come from very strict. Very dysfunctional abusive family life. I actually felt that they couldn't get a each where they -- being very say and realistic. I'm worried that perhaps they would and it's happening to them -- -- -- who's to -- wave and it may be -- the sinful very dysfunctional with that. And that's a silent epidemic in this country that and I wanted to talks about that's very interesting so that we reacts to our own. Childhoods by not disciplining. Or not enough I can I can think many in -- million. You know a woman or man unit who's been in a relationship has been very abusive. Perhaps -- emotional moments -- And felt that when that their grandchildren and they didn't want to be anything cut their parents -- because they now and I -- -- was it was very -- very peace. And so then they become very very -- for their children. Because that -- sketch that they will become their parents. You know and they don't want that damage relationship that they. Then half of of the sleep with the right parents -- just super nanny in the super therapists deeply.

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{"id":22768177,"title":"Supernanny Says There's a 'Silent Epidemic' Afflicting Families","duration":"3:00","description":"Parents shouldn't be afraid to discipline their child.","url":"/GMA/video/supernanny-silent-epidemic-afflicting-families-22768177","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}