Teens Escape Juvenile Detention Center in Tennessee

More than 30 teenagers escaped the facility during the middle of the night.
1:15 | 09/02/14

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Transcript for Teens Escape Juvenile Detention Center in Tennessee
Now to that breakout at a juvenile detention center in Tennessee. More than 30 escaping overnight. 17 still on the loose this morning. Many of them have committed violent crimes and ABC's new senior just first correspondent Pierre Thomas is in Washington with the latest on that. Good morning, Pierre. Reporter: This was a huge jail break 11:00 last night, 32 juveniles ages 14 to 17 escaped outside of Nashville able to slip under the fence and they had been locked up for serious crimes including robbery and assault. Overnight police caught half of them but 17 remain at large and temperature police are helping in a massive manhunt. How dangerous is this? All these young offenders had at least three felonies and some violent in the past. The sheer number is a concern. Can you have unexpected encounters with local residents which could be quite dangerous, also you could have car thefts, car chases so important that police get them back in custody as soon as possible. Hopefully that will happen soon. All right, Pierre, thank you.

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{"id":25211566,"title":"Teens Escape Juvenile Detention Center in Tennessee","duration":"1:15","description":"More than 30 teenagers escaped the facility during the middle of the night.","url":"/GMA/video/teens-escape-juvenile-detention-center-tennessee-25211566","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}